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Instinct Theatre and Loosely Based Theatre Company are collaborating to bring a night of theatre celebrating older women to Theatre N16's new address at Styx, Tottenham Hale.
A Night of Theatre Celebrating Older Women at Theatre N16

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Event type: Short plays

About this event

Instinct Theatre and Loosely Based Theatre Company are collaborating to bring a night of theatre celebrating older women to Theatre N16's new address at the Styx, Tottenham Hale on the 5th April 2018.

Instinct Theatre's AD Felicity has joined forced with Jayne Woodhouse  of Loosely Based Theatre Company (run with actor/director Calum Robshaw).

The organisers saw the lack of interesting roles that exist for older women and thought they'd do something about it! 

They're bringing established and emerging creative teams of writers, actors and directors together to put older women centre stage and showcase the amazing talent and diversity of roles that do exist, but just need to be seen.

Each of the five successful plays (from around 150 submissions) has at least one central role for an older female actor.

We defined 'older' as 40+.

These plays come together to create a night of great theatre for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

Everything's Changing by Emma Pitt

Directed by David Shears

Linda is waiting for her first date since the death of her husband.

Her youngest daughter Claire has encouraged her mother to arrange the date and is waiting with her as moral support.

As they wait, Linda talks to Claire about her life and why she made the choices that she did.


Linda - Jan Goodman

Rachel - Rachel Fenwick

Two Sisters by Jayne Woodhouse

Directed by Fumi Gomez

In the heightened atmosphere just after their mother's death, Helen and Maggie find themselves confronting long-held family tensions as well as conflicts in their own relationship.

A story of grief, love and loss, which poses the question - what makes a good daughter?


Helen - Sarah Dorsett

Maggie - Hilary Harwood

Are You Kidding Me? by Karen Bartholomew

Directed by Hilary Buss

Shanni is trying to find her way back into City.

Her third marriage has failed and with it the dreams of a happy home life.

She finds returning to the City a harder journey than expected.

She's menopausal, deemed old; it's an awkward age for a female - isn't it?


Shanni - Karen Bartholomew

Joel - Lewis Cartwright

Jemma - Natalie Sheriff

Sunset by Tom Harvey

Directed by Jaclyn Bradley



Two women in their seventies, life-long friends, play with the reality of their past and present together.

Partly for fun, but also to create normality around their growing dementia and to support each other in the approaching madness of old age.

The Adventures of Miss Joan Hartley's Retirement by Felicity Huxley-Miners

Directed by Colleen Prendergast

Joan's had enough.

She just retired and decided this is the time to start living her life the way she always wanted to.

TED talk meets retirement as Joan puts her plan in action and starts to assemble the team that's going to make it all possible.


Joan Abigail Halley

Tom Cameron Bell


Thursday 5 April 2018

Starts: 7-00 pm

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Theatre N16

5 Ashley Road
London N17 9LP

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