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Monday 29 January 2018

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Lidless Theatre will be taking Philip Ridley's intense, thrilling, and hilarious exploration of modern Britain, Moonfleece, to The Pleasance Theatre from 21 March to 15 April 2018.
Moonfleece at Pleasance - Islington

Image: Pleasance - Islington

Lidless Theatre will present a timely revival of Philip Ridley's once banned, Moonfleece, at The Pleasance, Islington, from 21 March to 15 April 2018.

Moonfleece is an intense, thrilling, and hilarious exploration of modern Britain.

The production is directed by Max Harrison who says ...

"I am thrilled to begin working with such a talented group of young actors and The Pleasance Theatre to revive Philip Ridley's Moonfleece.

It will be an excellent opportunity to explore the world through 11 young, engaged, and vibrant voices."

Producer Maya Ellis said ...

"We wanted to reenergise Moonfleece in the current climate and rise of the far-right globally.

We are so excited to be introducing this seminal play to a new generation and audience and are excited to begin working with Islington's Youth Council and London Schools to make this happen."

Moonfleece is part of Philip Ridley's The Storyteller Sequence, a series of one act dramas written for young people.

Written in 2004, Moonfleece received its professional world premiere at Rich Mix on Bethnal Green Road for the 2010 East Festival prior to touring the UK.

It was produced by London-based theatre company Supporting Wall.

Lidless Theatre is a company led by a director, a designer and a producer who have a collective track record of outstanding work.

Their first project was a sell-out run of the T.S.Elliot's The Waste Land, adapted into a 12 person epic, devised by the company and actors and performed in an abandoned warehouse.

Since then they have produced Pebbles by Bebe Sanders - a play about loneliness and mental health set in space - and an R&D for They Have Long Arms and They Can Find Me - inspired by recent events in Chechnya.

Lidless also runs a regular scratch night at Katzpace in London Bridge.


'You don't live life as a story. You live it as life. The story comes after.'

An abandoned home.

A lost brother.

A secret love.

Curtis has arranged a meeting in a flat of a derelict tower block.

As a child, Curtis lived happily here, but then tragedy struck and his elder brother died.

Now, Curtis is seeing his brother's ghost. With the aid of Gavin and Tommy, fellow members of the far right political party of which he is a leading figure, Curtis aims to find out why this ghost is haunting him. Things, however, do not go as planned.

Two squatters now occupy the flat, and one of them has a story to tell - a story that will change Curtis's life forever.

Moonfleece is an intense, thrilling, and humorous exploration of modern Britain.

Its representation of the far right, racism, homophobia, and authority have become even more charged in the seven years after it premiered.


Link: Rocio Rodriguez-Inniss

Tommy: Josh Horrocks

Gavin: Josh Dolphin

Curtis: James Downie

Alex: Seyan Sarvan

Jez: Joseph Aldous

Nina: Adeline Waby

Sarah: Lily Smith

Zak: Jaz Hutchins

Wayne: Ben Woodhall

Stacey: Nat Johnson


Author: Philip Ridley
Director: Max Harrison
Designer: Kitty Hinchcliffe
Production: Lidless Theatre


Pleasance - Islington - Stagespace
Carpenters Mews
North Rd
N7 9EF


From: Wednesday 21 March 2018

Closed: Sunday 15 April 2018


Standard: £16

Concessions: £12


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