'Pitch Your Play' - West End Showcase

Thursday 9 August 2018

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Young playwriting scheme 'Pitch Your Play' will champion writers from "All Corners of the UK" in a West End Showcase - with free tickets to staged readings at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.
'Pitch Your Play' - West End Showcase at Theatre Royal Haymarket

Image: Theatre Royal Hatmarket Masterclass trust

The future of theatre relies on today's generation having the opportunities and support to go forward and create.

As such, Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust have brought back their successful Pitch Your Play scheme which invites people aged 16-30 to pitch for the opportunity to stage a reading of a new, unpublished play at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

In addition, the three winning pitches will receive four weeks of admin support, marketing provision, rehearsal space, office space and creative guidance to hone their ideas at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

In spring this year Masterclass received nearly 200 applications for the scheme and last week invited 6 teams to pitch their plays to the 2018 panel consisting of director Pooja Ghai, producer Vicky Graham and Masterclass' Programmer Hazel Kerr.

Speaking about her experience of Pitch Your Play, Vicky Graham said ...

"It was a privilege to meet this year's finalists of the Masterclass Pitch Your Play scheme.

Coming from all corners of the UK, each of the six teams showed thrilling talent, vision and originality.

I look forward to following the careers of all of the shortlisted artists, and to hearing the winning plays read on the Theatre Royal Haymarket stage in the autumn."

'Pitch Your Play' - West End Showcase

Indigo Griffiths, Wendy Dickinson and Matthew Gabrielli

The successful scripts and writers (together with synopsis and dates on which their plays will be presented) are:

Penny's From Huddersfield

by Wendy Dickinson from Wirral, Merseyside

2:30pm, Friday 28 September

Sally is in her thirties: she's single, unemployed, overweight and annoyed at the world.

Her best friend Emmeline married a barrister and seems to have it all whilst her mum Sandra still treats her like a teenager.

After Sally's grandad dies, she realises just how bad her Nanna Penny's dementia has become.

Spurred on by an argument about care homes, Sally defies her mother and decides to move in with Penny to look after her.

As Sally gradually makes sense of her new life as a carer, Penny's confusion deepens and those around them are forced to re-evaluate their own lives.

In this tender, poignant piece laced with delicate humour we unearth the roots of humanity.

Just like the Brighton Rock quote "bite down as far as you like and it still says Brighton", even once the essence of Penny begins to fade, she always remains Penny from Huddersfield.


by Matthew Gabrielli from the West Midlands

2:30pm, Friday 26 Oct

Sophie and Jamie are on their way to a fancy dress party dressed as zombies when a misjudged selfie makes them the centre of a social media storm.

Battling online abuse, internet trolls and the consequences of a viral recognition, their friendship is pushed to its very limits.

A funny and thought-provoking play, Zombiegate is a razor-sharp satire about the rise of internet trolls and the return of public shaming, exploring social media, mobs and toxic masculinity.


by Indigo Griffiths from Uxbridge

2:30pm, Friday 23 November

Chicago, 1941.

Joey, John and Eliza are siblings, but their lives are about to take different paths. Joey is embracing the New Negro Movement, John is breaking barriers at college and Eliza is preparing to pass as white.

In a world where everything is determined by race, what can you gain by concealing who you are, and more importantly what can you lose?

Passing is a new play that exposes the controversial practice of "racial passing" - the use of skin colour as a form of social currency.

This epic family drama provokes thought on identity, race and feminism through powerful language, live music and unforgettable characters.

It is the only script of its kind that gives the mixed-race experience centre stage.

Each rehearsed reading will take place on stage at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Booking is now open and tickets aren completely free and open to all (see the ticket booking link below to register).

Working closely with Masterclass, this is an exclusive education opportunity for the young playwrights to showcase their work in front of an invited audience of peers, industry professionals and the general theatre-going audience.

Speaking about the opportunity Indigo Griffiths said ...

"I am beyond thrilled to have been accepted onto Masterclass's Pitch Your Play Scheme.

As an emerging writer, to have my work on a West End stage at this point in my career is a fantastic opportunity and I'm so grateful to Masterclass and the 2018 panel.

I'm excited to not only share Passing with a wide audience, but for the exposure and development that taking part in Pitch Your Play will offer."

Commenting on the return of the Pitch Your Play scheme, renowned playwright Jez Butterworth said ...

"Twenty five years ago when I gave up my first and last paying job to try to write for a living, I swiftly felt alone.

A scheme such as Pitch Your Play would have felt like a lifeline.

Witnessing work rehearsed and hearing it read aloud is oxygen for fledgling playwrights.

I'm a bit jealous of those taking part, who will hear something for the first time; the strange and familiar voice, which startles, haunts, galvanises and nourishes them enough to try again."

The Masterclass Pitch Your Play initiative is generously supported by the Noel Coward Foundation.

About The Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust

Now celebrating 20 years, Masterclass is the education charity based at the Theatre Royal Haymarket which offers free masterclasses by leading theatre professionals, careers advice sessions, apprenticeships and performance experiences.

Masterclass is committed to advancing the education of young people aged 16-30 by promoting the study of drama and the craft of theatre.

The organisation hopes to inspire and empower young people, the talent of the future.

To date over 80,000 young people have benefited from their programme.


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Penny's From Huddersfield

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