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Tuesday 28 August 2018

London West End - Musicals

Get a first listen of a song - "Comic Book Kind of Love" - from Eugenius!, back by phenomenal demand at The Other Palace for a strictly limited run from 1 September ...

Eugenius! is heading back to The Other Palace for a strictly limited run from 1 Setember to 7 October.

The show has book, music and lyrics by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins and is the story of Eugene, a teenage boy whose nightly dreams of a distant world of heroes and villains could be the ticket to him creating his very own comic book movie in Hollywood.

Joined on his amazing adventures by best friends Janey and Feris, the comic writing genius finds the superhero within, saves the world from earthbound villains - and those from distant galaxies - and along the way, falls in love!

Producer Warwick Davis, the legendary Star Wars and Harry Potter actor, said ...

"At the beginning of the year, Eugenius! had a buzz-filled, triumphant 6-week premiere at The Other Palace.

Since then we've been busy tweaking, tickling, tightening and super-charging the show.

So if you missed Eugenius! last time this is your chance to finally see what the buzz is all about.

And if you were one of the wonderful, crazy fans who saw it many times, we look forward to welcoming you back again - especially as we have added a new song to the 80s-inspired soundtrack that had audiences on their feet at every performance punching the air and shouting in unison, 'Go Eugenius!'."

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Eugenius! is a teen-geek love story set against a backdrop of comic books and superheroes.

It has a totally original score - Ben Adam's homage to all the great sounds of the '80s - and a pulsating plot that'll make you laugh, cry, and punch the air shouting 'Go Eugenius!'.

It's a show where geeks rule, dreams do come true, and everyone finds the superhero inside themselves - you've just gotta know where to look.


Eugene - Rob Houchen

Janey - Laura Baldwin

Feris - Daniel Buckley*

Evil Lord Hector - Neil McDermott

Theo - Scott Paige

Lex - Alex Bourne

Gerhard / Tough Man - Simon Thomas

Carrie / Super Hot Lady - Emily Tierney

Eugene's Dad / Lord Tough Man - Christopher Ragland

Stock Jock / Laurence / Flock of Eagles Singer - Tom Senior

Space Diva / Mrs Truthstretcher - Alison Arnopp

Jocks and Cheerleaders: Alex Tranter, Ben Darcy, Dilllon Scott-Lewis, Lauren Cancannon, Amy West, Sasha Wareham

* - The role of Feris will be performed by Chris Wilkins on Sat 8 and Sun 9 September


Author: Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins
Composer: Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins
Lyricist: Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins
Director: Ian Talbot
Designer: Hannah Wolfe
Musical direction: Darren Lord
Choreography: Aaron Renfree
Lighting: Andrew Ellis
Sound: Gareth Owen
Production: Kevin and George Wood and Warwick Davis


The Other Palace - Main Theatre
12 Palace Street


From: Saturday 1 September 2018

Closed: Sunday 21 October 2018


Standard: From £22.50


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