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Wednesday 19 December 2018

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Written and directed by Jonathan Brown, 'Of Our Own Making' takes an unsettling look at why people commit atrocities and the part we all play in creating those we label 'monsters'.
Of Our Own Making at Tara Theatre

Photo by Loulou D'Aki

Taking an unflinching look at the people behind the labels, Of Our Own Making is a hard-hitting new play that asks how responsible society is for creating the 'monsters' it fears.

Of Our Own Making is slated for presentation by Something Underground at Tara Theatre from 30 January to 16 February 2019.

Three characters flee the shores of Libya; each on their own personal journey, whilst a tabloid reporter awaits them on the beaches of Greece, seeking stories to fit a cynical narrative about the Syrian refugee crisis.

Of Our Own Making examines our judgement of perpetrators in light of complex circumstances.

Against the background of the Chilcot enquiry, the questions around the Iraq war, and the demonisation of immigrants, the meetings of the play's characters are shaped by the circumstances that have altered them.

The production will be accompanied by free workshops for teenage boys in Wandsworth, inviting young men to devise scenes using physical theatre to explore the circumstances that can make a person vulnerable to online grooming.

The workshops will be run by Mark Nightingale, a lead mentor for national organisation A Band of Brothers, movement director Helen Parlor, who was assistant choreographer of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics, and playwright Jonathan Brown, whose past experience in mentoring boys that have faced forms of exclusion includes working with inmates at HMP Bristol, mentoring excluded boys and as a facilitator for Community Building in Britain.

The show has been developed with an international team, many of whom have personal connections with the issues in the show.

Musician Dirk Campbell (Harry Potter, The Mummy) lost his daughter Anna in March 2018, ten months after she left home to fight Isis.

Dirk will be providing an atmospheric soundtrack, and the cast will include Natali Servat, who played the title role in Amnesty International Freedom Of Expression Award-nominated Nazanin's Story.

Natali's parents were Iranian refugees who fled to Sweden.

Writer and director Jonathan Brown said ...

"I wrote the play having felt personally affected by the tabloids' use of the refugee crisis to stir up fear of immigrants, being deeply saddened by the Bataclan and Nice terrorist attacks, and noticing the tendency toward demonisation of the radicalised or conscripted.

I would like the play to spark conversations on these matters, and to keep them going.

As the writing progressed, the play called out to also be about masculinity, about male youth vulnerability, suicide, grooming, isolation and a yearning for positive male role models - themes prominent in my life and through my work with excluded boys and prison inmates."

About the company

Something Underground was founded by Jonathan Brown in 2006.

A regular at the Brighton Fringe, the company has won multiple awards there including Best Male Performer, Best Female Performer and Best New Play.

Something Underground presents new writing that is visceral and uncompromising, character and plot driven, whilst minimalist in style.

About Tara Theatre

Re-opened in September 2016 by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Tara Theatre has garnered a range of awards, including The Stage Sustainability Award, London Construction Best Project Design Award and the London Architecture Culture & Community Award.

It has also been shortlisted for the World Architecture and the Peter Brook Empty Space Awards.

Tara Arts was founded in 1977 by Artistic Director Jatinder Verma, who was awarded an MBE for services to diversity in the arts in 2017.


Set against the Syrian refugee crisis …

Meet Parsifal, a boy, lost and lonely, slowly groomed and recruited online.

Meet Amira, a mother crossing the Med, with her baby and other refugees.

Meet Saif, a man on the run.

Meet Hussan, a man travelling into Europe from … who knows where?

Meet Micky, an undercover tabloid cub reporter looking for dirt on refugees.

Let them meet each other and their fate.

The clock is ticking. The targets are set.

With haunting music from Dirk Campbell, and the work of boys from local Youth Groups.


Jonathan Brown

Erin Elkin

Vincent Kerschbaum

Natali Servat

Further casting to be advised


Author: Jonathan Brown
Composer: Dirk Campbell
Director: Jonathan Brown
Movement: Helen Parlor
Production: Something Underground


Tara Theatre
356 Garratt Lane
SW18 4ES


From: Wednesday 30 January 2019

Closes: Saturday 16 February 2019


Standard: £17.50

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