Last Orders at the Old Red Lion

Friday 26 July 2019

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New company The Knock Knock Club will be exploring a different kind of 'spirit' at the Old Red Lion and will then share their findings in a show due in October.
Last Orders at the Old Red Lion

Image courtesy The Knock Knock Club

We're all familiar with the spirits on offer in our public houses - thanks in particular to the gin craze that has ousted traditional brands, providing every conceivable flavour imaginable of the colourless intoxicating beverage.

But theatre company The Knock Knock Club are not about to force yet another kind of gin onto the unsuspecting theatre-going public - they have other spiritis in mind.

And it's a pretty neat idea they've concocted because they make the venue they are performing in the star of the show - specifically venues which are reportedly haunted!

That's where the 'spirits' connection comes in (just in case the recent heat has slowed the functionaing of your brain).

So, the Old Red Lion provides an almost perfect venue because the pub has been welcoming countless thousands of beer-swilling visitors through its doors since 1414.

And some never left - maybe literally!

The Knock Knock Club have already interviewed the pub's staff - past and present - and they haven't met one yet that hasn't had an unexplainable experience.

They claim there is a ghost on each floor: the cellar, the pub and the theatre.

Moreover, the company have conducted extensive research into the pub's history at The British Library newspaper archives, using local papers such as The Islington Gazette.

Apparently, the pub has seen highwaymen drinking their last pints there before being executed, children of the school next door coming in with their daily beer tokens, and Lenin evading police by hiding in a dumb waiter (well, there's always a Lenin angle, isn't there?).

But more practical research is on the way as the company are going on an over-night ghost hunt on July 29 with Laura Goff from Twilight Ghost Hunts to see if they can meet some of the disembodied spirits themselves.

They will also hold a séance at the theatre on August 29, to further investigate the claims of the pub being haunted.

Finally, during their full production run from 8 to 26 October, The Knock Knock Club will present all their ghostly findings in glorious detail.

Sounds spookily inventive!


The Knock Knock Club


Old Red Lion Theatre

418 St John Street


London EC1V 4NJ


Ghost Hunt Date - July 29 2019, 7.30pm

Seance Date - August 29, 8.30pm

Performance Dates:

October 8th 2019 - October 26th 2019

Tuesday - Sunday, 7.45pm

Saturday and Sunday matinees (and Thursday Oct 17th) at 2.30pm


£14 / £12 (previews)


The Knock Knock Club

Old Red Lion Theatre

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