The Camden Fringe 2017 - Cockpit Theatre

The Camden Fringe Festival returns to the Cockpit Theatre for another jam-packed year with a varied programme of music, cabaret and theatre.
The Camden Fringe 2017

Image: The Camden Fringe


Genre: Multi-show
Venue: Cockpit Theatre
Festival:The Camden Fringe 2017
Started: Tuesday 1 August 2017
Closed: Sunday 27 August 2017
Running time:To be confirmed
Age suitability: Not available


Festival of theatre, comedy and fringe fun, held annually during the month of August in theatres in Camden, London.


Macbeth 360 - Tue 1 Aug - Produced and presented by Earthbound

Macbeth 360 is a new experimental piece merging classical text and contemporary technology with use of installation, digital immersion and live performance.

The show generates an experience influenced by early video games in a virtual reality format, with the audience member sitting in place of Macbeth himself, whilst going through the labyrinth of his subconscious.

Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams - Tue 1 Aug To Wed 2 Aug - Produced and presented by Bibi and BIchu

A tale of the circus, told through breathtaking feats of acrobatics, juggling, contortion and dance, Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams is a show inspired by the dreams of its cast.

Based on the story of famous jugglers Bibi and Bichu, who imagined the circus in a country without one, and made a better life for themselves and other Ethiopian acrobats in circus worlds overseas, the show revolves around two little Ethiopian brothers, who ask the Man in the Moon to fulfil their most ardent wish: of juggling amid the daredevil wonders of circus.

The boys' wish is granted.

In a twinkling, they are whisked into a realm of mischief, magic and surrealist night, where they are far from alone.

Little Bibi and Bichu encounter a host of other circus dreamers: dancing, contorting, gravity-defying figures, all weaving tales of their own.

The stage, like the spotlight of a moon, reveals glimpses of these other stories and dreams, narrative threads that entwine, even threaten to ensnare, but ultimately lead towards an unconsidered possibility: an out-and-out Ethiopian circus.

Fantastical and joy-driven, starring the inimitable Konjowoch Trouple and accompanied by a soundscape that draws on Ethiopia's rich musical past and present, Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams is a transformative celebration of circus itself.

Under The Mental Health Act & Black Love Matters - Fri 4 Aug To Sat 5 Aug - Produced and presented by HiddenViewz

Written and directed by Andrea Lungay and Rachel Mervis

Two short shows with interlocking themes.

"A flower can be beautiful, give it care and it will flourish but you leave it in the dark, it will wilt away."

Under The Mental Health Act through dark humour, comical irony and true stories of young adolescents creates an eye opening perspective and insight into what's happening nowadays within our psychiatric facilities and a unique look into the lives of the patients who live within them.

"The darker the berry, the sweeter the truth."

Black love matters highlights the link between modern society and one of the biggest hidden secrets in history - the Willie Lynch Letter.

Set in both a protest and an ironically funny game show, the characters through poetry and dark humour reveal an alternative view of today's black community.

Beautiful Little Fools - Mon 7 Aug To Tue 8 Aug - Produced and presented by Optic Theatre Company

Three girls are taken by the government and trapped in a room underground; their only contact to the outside world is through the media broadcasts we hear today.

With no memory of where they are or who they were before, they are unaware that they are the experiment.

This experiment has an aim: to re-condition the human mind to hate and adhere to the governments demands.

Within 60 minutes we see the brutality of how the girls are both mentally and physically conditioned. What lengths they will go to in order to gain their freedom.

A brand new drama focusing on the battle between our natural moral instinct and how we are subliminally taught to behave.

With a ballsy, diverse all female cast - don't miss it.

Ensemble 17 - Wed 9 Aug To Fri 11 Aug - Produced and presented by Amazonia Music Theatre Company

Ensemble 17 by award winning writer/director Jude Alderson interweaves stories of love and displacement.

In an unnamed Middle Eastern city a young girl Alora, headstrong, pretty, rejects family values and plans to leave for London.

If Alora leaves, the family out of fear and need and pride and tradition, they cannot ever stretch out to her again.

Three thousand miles away in London, Maria, another headstrong young woman, battles out a different drama.

Her corrupt politician father - a womaniser and a liar - courts a new party and plans to leave the sinking ship.

His twin daughters, identical but entirely different, react violently to their father's indiscretions.

Maria the braver - or maybe the more reckless - propelled by her father's hypocrisy on matters of war and what goes on ‘over there' has been secretly training to take her skills and instincts as a doctor into the field.

Maria leaves home.

Within weeks Maria finds herself at the center of another drama.

A bomb hits the house of a family of five. Alora is part of that family. And it's a bitter irony that Alora has escaped.

In London Alora searches for her aunt Galina, who is now happily married to a liberal Sikh barrister. But there is a family secret.

As the stories unravel, Maria and Alora are bonded by family tragedy. And Galina returns home to be reunited with her son.

With a cast of ten, the narrative is interwoven with songs, tableaux, chants, poems and dance.

This is a story of longing and belonging, of yearning and returning.

Nothing To Perform - Fri 11 Aug To Sun 13 Aug - Produced and presented by Howland & Taylor

Davey, Andrew and Tom are three caretakers from the north-east of England. They wrote, rehearsed and produced a play which no one will ever see.

Nothing to Perform is the funny, heart-warming and brutally honest story of why.

Destination Planet Earth! - Sat 12 Aug To Sun 13 Aug - Produced and presented by Soft Machines

Dave loves old monster and sci-fi movies.

He also believes in aliens. Presenting a film night to showcase his passions, he gets more than he bargained for.

Although 50s and 60s films enthral him, he's really into social media and these two elements of his life are heading for a crash collision.

The audience will experience these creature features literally coming to life in living, breathing 3D as Dave is dragged along for the ride.

Frankenstein's Monster, vampires, zombies, aliens and a terrifying, towering Godzilla all pour out from the screen and onto the stage.

Via an exciting mix of aerial and ground-based circus, the story unfolds to thrill, terrify and break your heart. A night at the flicks will never be the same again.

Pluto - Mon 14 Aug To Thu 17 Aug - Produced and Presented by Moonchild Theatre Company

The year is 2016.

TIME Person of the Year is Donald Trump, the masses grieve for Harambe and NASA's probe, New Horizons, has completed its 10 year voyage to Pluto.

The loneliest planet in our solar system struggles with his identity; a probe from Earth arrives bearing information that turns his world upside down.

Comets and moons are brought to life in this quirky tale of friendship, labels, and space dogs!

A Destiny With Death - Fri 18 Aug To Sun 20 Aug - Produced and presented by Dead No More Productions

Mike's saucy sins take him to the gates of Heaven and the depths of Hell.

Unable to decide where Mike belongs, he is placed back on earth for a test that will determine his fate - a pass through the pearly gates of Heaven, or a pass through the burning flames of Hell.

However, there is more to Mike than meets the eye.

Baby - Sat 19 Aug To Sun 20 Aug - Produced and presented by Rhiannon Brace Dance

I was born to two of the most clueless parents. What they knew about parenting they learnt from a David Bowie song.

This is the story of my arrival into a world of giant teddy bears, music box ballerinas, pop music and dance.

BABY is a dance theatre performance inspired by the choreographer's experience of the birth of her son, Dylan in August 2015 and tells the story of that birth.

The show contains personal material from the artist's life.

The show is both tender and comic.

It focuses on the relationships between women of different generations in the birth and bringing up of Baby.

A toe-tapping playlist of pop music takes us on a journey through pregnancy, motherhood and love.

Baby is a 30-minute dance performance inspired by the birth of Rhiannon's son and it is followed by an on-stage disco for all the family.

Sorry I Killed Your Cat - Sun 20 Aug To Tue 22 Aug - Produced and presented by Lost Fragments Production

When a new couple move in to a north London apartment block their neighbours are quick to invite them over for dinner, though not all is as it seems.

Packed full of laughs, drama and dead animals, Sorry, I Killed Your Cat, is a hilarious piece of new writing about keeping up false appearances, broken relationships, alcohol and "accidentally" killing cats.

It will leave you hoping that you never get invited to a dinner party ever again.

Boris - The Musical! - Wed 23 Aug To Fri 25 Aug - Produced and presented by Blowfish Theatre

One year on from the EU referendum, Blowfish Theatre present the rise, fall and (unfortunate) rise again of Britain's most famous politiclown.

Hear the soon to be smash hits, "I'm talking about Brexit", "Me and My Johnson" and "BeLeave!" and Boo Michael Gove as he welcomes you to the Church of Brexit. Witness the life and time of Boris, in song!

A blend of biography, Brexit farce, and musical satire, BORIS - THE MUSICAL is the 5* show with something for everyone.

And now newly updated to include the 2017 General Election!

Join us on a musical journey from Eton, through Brexit, to Election 17.

Cockadoodlemoo! - Wed 23 Aug To Sun 27 Aug - Produced and presented by Change the Act

Cockadoodlemoo! is a brand new moo-sical for the whole family!

Join a prize-winning cow, sassy fox, playful dog and forgetful sheep who each have a lot to learn about friendship, loneliness and not judging a book by its cover, before they can bring out the best in each other.

An adventure filled with heart for children and adults alike to enjoy, featuring vibrant storytelling and brand new songs.

Be captured by the spark between the unlikely farmyard friends as we delve into the world where animals can say ‘Cockadoodlemoo!'

Britain's Got Fashion - Thu 24 Aug To Fri 25 Aug - Produced and presented by Get Over It Productions

All-female ensemble Get Over Productions return to the Camden Fringe with new comedy writing by David Bottomley.

Six ambitious women sell their souls and sisterhood for their claim to fifteen minutes of celebrity fame.

But how do they survive when the outside world threatens to blow their facile dreams apart?

Cry, Blueberry - Sat 26 Aug To Sun 27 Aug - Written & Performed by Richard Canal

Welcome to a place where nothing sounds but the clinks and tinkles of one's memories.

The scene is replete with wooden crates and a cornucopia of colourful liquor bottles.

In the middle of this disorder, like a scarecrow, emerges a tree left blackened by lightning long ago; naked, vulnerable, caught frozen as if blighted by midwinter.

This is a secretive, undiscovered place, where one's nose is warmed by that earthiness found only by the Mississippi.

Curiously, under the tree's dead canopy, is a dressing-room mirror from Broadway's backstages.

Distant and muffled, there is applause and laughter, clacking feet and happy ballads: the heartbeat of the 1920s; the music of vaudeville.

Such joy is some other-where, some other-when; the tree marks this ground a haunted one.

A clown enters the scene.

It is Blueberry, a Mississippian performing on vaudevillian Broadway.

Wrestling with bipolar and past trauma amidst the Roaring Twenties' sudden plummet into the Great Depression, he frequently flees from his pain not only into performance, but also into sex.

His increasingly addictive escapes have finally lost him his partner and now his employment.

He enters his dressing-room for the last time; and as he sheds his painted mask, hanging each bottle on his tree, he wrestles with his sorrows, guilts, and memories - either to his life's continuance, or conclusion.

But Cry, Blueberry is not a tale of gloom and woe.

Blueberry is a trumpeter of life, whose laughter flies above storms and tears; and this magical-realist play, taking us on a heartfelt journey through the United States' first three decades into the twentieth century - through saloons, towns, cities, brothels, circuses, churches, synagogues, theatres, and more - presents a poetic, enchanting perspective on gladness, sadness, and everything in between.

Penetrating Europe, Or Migrants Have Talent - Sat 26 Aug To Sun 27 Aug - Produced and presented by Molodyi Teatr London

Penetrating Europe, or Migrants Have Talent is a mix of mock talent show and verbatim theatre based on stories of undocumented migration to the UK.

Our plucky migrants will try to persuade you to let them stay using a combination of soulful singing, funky dancing and terrible magic tricks.

Molodyi Teatr London is a Ukrainian-British theatre group.

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