London Burlesque Festival 2019

London Burlesque Festival acts as a centre stage for the world's finest performers, raising the global profile of burlesque.

London Burlesque Festival 2019

Image courtesy London Burlesque Festival

Festival type: Burlesque

Region: London

About the festival

With a packed schedule of high profile events, celebrity following and a loyal and rapidly expanding fan base, Chaz Royal's London Burlesque Festival showcases the most eclectic and diverse acts in burlesque - pushing the boundaries of the art of the strip and the tease to the max and delivering the electric atmosphere of an unbeatable night out.

Note: the festival is spread across numerous venues - for details of shows, dates, tickets and venues, use the festival's website.


Starts:Saturday 13 April 2019

Ends:Saturday 29 June 2019

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