Exterior photo of the Bridewell Theatre, London.

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Bridewell - seats 134



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Bride Lane
Fleet Street
London EC4Y 8EQ

Council: City of London

Region: London

Location map for Bridewell


Temple (District & Circle Lines)
St. Pauls (Central Line)

City Thameslink, Blackfriar's Station



Shoe Lane (Fleet Street)

Day no:
4, 11, 15, 23, 26, 76, 172

Night no:
N11, N15, N21, N26, N47, N76, N89, N551

Access information


Currently no disabled access.

Current shows

We don't have any shows listed.

Upcoming shows

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

This hysterical farce of a musical is set in 200 BC. It tells the bawdy story of a slave named Pseudolus helping her young master woo the girl next door and in turn win freedom.

Previews from: Saturday 21 April 2018
Closes: Wednesday 25 April 2018

Lock Up Your Daughters

Based on the political satire by Henry Fielding, the musical is set in the licentious, corrupt, and brutal London of 1730. It takes the audience into the vivid, visceral world of Hogarth, Tyburn, and Georgian London at it's darkest.

Previews from: Monday 30 April 2018
Closes: Friday 4 May 2018


Meet Pippin. Young, ambitious and ready to change the world. But things are never that simple. Setting out to make his mark, Pippin dabbles with the horrors of war, the lure of sex and the sordid world of politics, failing at every turn.

Previews from: Wednesday 9 May 2018
Closes: Saturday 19 May 2018

The Winter's Tale

King Leontes, suspects his wife Hermione of infidelity with his best friend Polixenes, King of Bohemia. He sets in motion a violent and tragic chain of events which culminate in the abandonment of his new born daughter on a foreign shore.

Previews from: Tuesday 22 May 2018
Closes: Saturday 26 May 2018

Much Ado About Nothing

When Don Pedro and his band of men return to Messina, the young Count Claudio and Hero quickly plan to marry, whilst the sarcastic Benedick and Beatrice engage in verbal sparring matches. But will the young couple wed?

Previews from: Wednesday 20 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 23 June 2018

Mic Drop. A Musical Throwdown

Team Girls will take on Team Boys in this musical throw down of epic proportions! Which team wins? Only the audience decides!

Previews from: Tuesday 26 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 30 June 2018

Wolf Hall

After twenty years of marriage to Katherine of Aragon, King Henry VIII is desperate for a male heir. Keen to divorce his Queen and seek a wife who will give him a son, he cannot defy the law of the land and the will of God.

Previews from: Tuesday 17 July 2018
Closes: Saturday 28 July 2018

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