King's Head Theatre

Exterior photo of the King's Head Theatre, London.

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Artistic director: Adam Spreadbury-Maher
Executive director: Fiona English


King's Head Theatre


Box office: 0207 226 8561


Box office: Send Mail


115 Upper Street
London N1 1QN

Council: Islington

Region: London

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Angel (Northern)
Highbury & Islington (Victoria, Overground)

Highbury & Islington



St Mary's Church

Day no:
4, 19, 30, and 43

Night no:
N19, N41

Access information


If you are registered disabled and require an essential companion in order to visit the theatre your companion will be priovded with a complimentary ticket.

For all access bookings, you are advised to book by phone on 0207 226 8561 or emailing

You will find more information on the theatre website access page.

Click the image below to go there.

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Wheelchair access

The venue is wheelchair accessible, but space is limited so the theatre advises booking as far in advance as possible - call or email the box office for booking assistance.

Current shows

The Unbuilt City

On a cold afternoon in February, Jonah knocks on the door of a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. He's come to persuade Claudia to sell her famously secret art collection to a university archive.

Previews from: Wednesday 6 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 30 June 2018

Ghost About The House

The same Islington house, at two time periods, with five actors playing two different but connected roles. A hilarious, sexy, haunting gay play combining witty period dialogue, modern relationships and our current political uncertainty.

Previews from: Thursday 7 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 30 June 2018

Upcoming shows


Lia knows who she is and what she wants. She always has done, until a death, an unexpected visit and a school reunion complicate things and bring to light questions from the past.

Previews from: Monday 2 July 2018
Closes: Friday 6 July 2018

Life By The Throat

In an age when masculinity is in crisis, this is both a show about what it means to be a man from a broken background and what it means to be a woman who has loved a man like that.

Previews from: Tuesday 3 July 2018
Closes: Saturday 7 July 2018

Immaculate Correction

A dark comic exploration about working class Scotland, religion and what happens when your only access to sex education is porn.

Previews from: Monday 9 July 2018
Closes: Friday 13 July 2018


Anwu is turning 60. Against her wishes her daughters, Nike and Tolu are preparing a party. Their older brother, Chi, is nowhere to be seen and Dad is in Nigeria building the family home that never seems to finish.

Previews from: Tuesday 10 July 2018
Closes: Saturday 14 July 2018

A Womb Of One's Own

Do you want to feel calmer more focused and relaxed? Imagine a life where daily stress just floats by like a cloud in the sky, not a rain cloud, a nice one, a fluffy one, yeah, do you want that, you know you do, don't you?

Previews from: Tuesday 17 July 2018
Closes: Saturday 21 July 2018

For Reasons That Remain Unclear

In Rome, Handsome young professional Patrick invites Conrad, a Catholic priest, to share a drink in his suite. Tension rises as their exchange deepens - but who is holding back a confession?

Previews from: Wednesday 25 July 2018
Closes: Saturday 18 August 2018

James Dean Is Dead (Long Live James Dean)

James Dean, Hollywood's hottest star steps out of his crashed car and looks back on his short life. This powerful one man show is a timely look at how the film industry uses sex, drugs and power to make and break careers.

Previews from: Thursday 26 July 2018
Closes: Sunday 29 July 2018

Riot Act

A powerful brand new verbatim theatre piece created especially for the Queer Season.

Previews from: Tuesday 31 July 2018
Closes: Sunday 5 August 2018


In this provocative comedy of modern manners Man, 50, Lad, 30, and Boy, 20, battle to achieve relationship bliss. One offers dedicated monogamy, another proposes looking the other way whilst the third prefers total disclosure.

Previews from: Tuesday 7 August 2018
Closes: Sunday 12 August 2018

And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens

When Candy, one of New Orleans' finest drag queens, brings home a sailor neither knows that this one night will bind them together. Both are soon lost believing in fantasy versions of each other.

Previews from: Tuesday 14 August 2018
Closes: Sunday 19 August 2018

All That

In a bid to improve their current financial crisis, Taylor and Riley decide to rent out their spare room - and it's Jamie and Parker, another young-ish gay couple, who are chosen to move in.

Previews from: Tuesday 21 August 2018
Closes: Saturday 25 August 2018

Free & Proud

A new play examining the dynamics of a messy relationship and how sometimes it takes a disaster in order to make sense of the present.

Previews from: Tuesday 28 August 2018
Closes: Saturday 1 September 2018

Hamilton (Lewis)

The epic story of a self-starter, who worked a lot harder, by being a lot faster, born and raised in Stevenage, the most successful British F1 driver in the history of the sport.

Previews from: Wednesday 5 September 2018
Closes: Saturday 22 September 2018

La Traviata

England, 2018. Violetta earns her crust dancing for the rich and powerful at an exclusive gentleman's club until a chance meeting with naive and idealistic Elijah changes everything.

Previews from: Thursday 27 September 2018
Closes: Saturday 27 October 2018

Beauty and the Beast

A fairytale land, far, far away. A handsome young bookworm who always dreamt of more. A hideous beast, in her cursed castle … It's a tale as old as time, as you've never heard it before.

Previews from: Wednesday 31 October 2018
Closes: Saturday 17 November 2018

Charles Court Opera's 12th Boutique Panto

Charles Court Opera and John Savournin return to the King's Head Theatre for their twelfth dazzling, delightful and downright hilarious boutique panto.

Previews from: Friday 23 November 2018
Closes: Saturday 5 January 2019

The Crumple Zone

Taking place in a Staten Island apartment over the Christmas holiday season, this hilarious comedy gives a fly-on-the-wall perspective when four friends and a mystery visitor find themselves in just one apartment.

Previews from: Saturday 24 November 2018
Closes: Sunday 9 December 2018

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