Putney Arts Theatre

Putney Arts Theatre, London, photographed from the street in front of the building.

Photo: Peter Brown 2015

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Artistic director: Marie Thackwell
Management Team: Veronika Wilson


Main Theatre - seats 155
The Antony Bridges Studio Theatre - seats 46


Box office: 020 8788 6943


Admin: Send Mail


Ravenna Road
London SW15 6AW

Council: Kensington and Chelsea

Region: London

Location map for Putney Arts Theatre


East Putney (District)




Putney Arts Theatre or Puney Station

Day no:
14, 37, 39, 85, 93, 337, 424, 430

Night no:

Access information

We have no accessibility information at the present time.

Current shows

We don't have any shows listed.

Upcoming shows

Fate Expectations

Showcasing around 4-8 short pieces that look at how and why people's lives change - either for better, or for worse, each piece revolves around a key turning point or moment in the life of someone who's life is destined to change.

Previews from: Tuesday 22 May 2018
Closes: Saturday 26 May 2018

West Side Story

A classic re-telling of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet - explores the violent rivalry between two street gangs: the Jets, white New Yorkers and the Sharks, Puerto Rican immigrants.

Previews from: Tuesday 29 May 2018
Closes: Saturday 2 June 2018

The Tempest

Aboard a foundering ship tossed by a violent storm the terrified passengers await their watery doom - but they will not die today. Instead the sorcerous tempest casts them away upon the shore of the strange and remote island of the wizard.

Previews from: Tuesday 26 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 30 June 2018

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