Theatre N16

Theatre N16 at The Bedord pub

Image: Peter Brown 2016

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Artistic director: Scott Ellis
Executive director: Jamie Eastlake


Theatre N16 - seats 90


Box office: 07969138899


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Box office: Send Mail


77 Bedford Hill
London SW12 9HD

Council: Wandsworth

Region: London

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Balham Station



Balham Station

Day no:
155, 249, 255, 355

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About Theatre N16

Situated on the full upper floor of the famous Balham pub, The Bedford. Theatre N16's new home joins a rich history of art that has lived in this spectacular venue. Theatre N16 occupy the highest floor of the pub, with a space that can accomodate up to 90 audience members.

Access information

We have no accessibility information at the present time.

Current shows


Simon Jay knew he was gay from an early age, finding himself effete and fabulous in equal measure, but this didn't go down too well on a rough council estate in South London.

Previews from: Tuesday 20 June 2017
Closes: Saturday 24 June 2017

AI Love You

Meet Adam and April: a regular twenty something couple who enjoy socialising, going to the gym and bingeing on Netflix. An interactive show by Heart to Heart Theatre which discusses the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence.

Previews from: Wednesday 14 June 2017
Closes: Saturday 24 June 2017

Upcoming shows

Tracing Grace

Follow a young girl’s true story. At just three weeks old, Grace suffered from encephalitis, a rare inflammation of the brain, now aged eighteen the world outside of her bedroom can be a complicated and frustrating place.

Previews from: Tuesday 27 June 2017
Closes: Saturday 1 July 2017

Dead Souls

A stranger arrives in a small town. He is a businessman. He makes enquiries. He charms the local officials. He visits the local landowners. But there's something off about him. A story of greed and transgression that feels worryingly modern.

Previews from: Tuesday 4 July 2017
Closes: Saturday 8 July 2017


Z wants to keep her job. It's all she has to do to maintain her easy going lifestyle of consumerism. Centred around Z and a multitude of playful, electric and often psychotic characters both real and make believe to Z's imagination.

Previews from: Wednesday 5 July 2017
Closes: Saturday 8 July 2017


What happens when you pluck six women out of Shakespeare's plays, jazz them up a bit and throw 'em in a room together?

Previews from: Tuesday 11 July 2017
Closes: Saturday 15 July 2017

The God of Hell

The setting is a Wisconsin dairy farm where the heifer-breeding Frank and Emma live in rustic isolation. But their peace has been shattered by Graig Haynes, a radioactive refugee from a plutonium-producing establishment.

Previews from: Wednesday 12 July 2017
Closes: Saturday 5 August 2017


Darren's convinced he's going to beat Usain Bolt in the Men's 100m Finals.

Abigail won't stop applying varnish to her fingernails. Simon just wants to make sure his brother and sister are both eating right.

Previews from: Tuesday 8 August 2017
Closes: Saturday 26 August 2017

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