White Bear Theatre

The White Bear Theatre photogrpahed from the street in front of the building.

Photo: Peter Brown 2015

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Artistic director: Michael Kingsbury


White Bear Theatre - seats 50


Box office: 0844 8700 887


Admin: Send Mail


138 Kennington Park Road
London SE11 4DJ

Council: Lambeth

Region: London

Location map for White Bear Theatre


Kennington (Northern)

Elephant and Castle, then bus.



Kennington Station

Day no:
133, 155, 333, 415

Night no:
N133, N155

Access information

We have no accessibility information at the present time.

Current shows

The Old Room

Theft of privacy, eavesdropping and cyber attacks - and that's just in public. The Old Room is a bar where people go to drink, talk, meet a date. It's where Nina and Sam meet by accident, perhaps.

Previews from: Tuesday 24 April 2018
Closes: Saturday 12 May 2018

Upcoming shows

Gift of the Gab

1979. The Winter of Discontent. The nation is at war with itself, battling industrial strikes, unemployment, crippling inflation, fears over immigration and terrorism. But that's not going to cramp the style of a den of thieves in Brighton.

Previews from: Tuesday 15 May 2018
Closes: Saturday 9 June 2018

An Honourable Man

Joe Newman has come to politics late, as Labour MP for a traditional, working-class constituency on Teesside. Michael McManus's new play speculates about what might happen to British politics if the wounds left by the Brexit referendum do not heal.

Previews from: Tuesday 12 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 16 June 2018

Last One Here

Meet Jamie and Aaron. Just another morning. For Jamie, its bonus day at the bank. Maybe a chance to at last get that vintage Jaguar E-type. If only he can get past fat boy Charlie and pashmina-wearing Jacqueline from HR.

Previews from: Tuesday 19 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 30 June 2018

Naked With Burger or Man

How do you deal with feelings? Chicken Nuggets. Wanking. Pizza. Wanking. Netflix. Wanking. Sleep. Wanking. Wanking. Wanking …

Previews from: Monday 25 June 2018
Closes: Saturday 30 June 2018

The Unnatural Tragedy

A brand new piece of writing, that's over 350 years old! In the history of women's writing there is no more important figure than the forgotten and discarded Essex girl Margaret Cavendish. She has an impressive array of 'firsts' credited to her.

Previews from: Tuesday 3 July 2018
Closes: Saturday 21 July 2018

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