Snow-Pocalypse: Friendship Never Melts at Greenwich Theatre

London theatre news: Friday 24 November 2017

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Clowning, silliness and light-up antlers feature in a show about the last two people in the world discovering a book which tells of something called 'Christmas'!
Snow-Pocalypse: Friendship Never Melts at Greenwich Theatre

Image: Greenwich Theatre

Christmas brings all kinds of shows and innovations - and here's one the littlest members of the household might like 'cos they get to help with it, making the props for a wild and wacky winter children's show that explores Christmas, companionship and crafting.

In a pre-show craft workshop, children will create treasures using things we discard, turning bric-a-brac into festive souvenirs which they can take home.

Snow-pocalypse: Friendship Never Melts, told entirely in the gibberish language Grommelot, is a heart-warming show about the last two people in the world who discover the last book in the world, and the book tells of something called 'Christmas.'

Hapless heroes Trilby and The-Boot have never had a winter, a Christmas or even a snowball fight.

But they do have each other.

When they discover the last book in the world, they try to find out what Christmas is really about.

What are presents?

What is the point of tinsel?

And, more importantly, will it snow?

Together, and with a little help from the audience, they create a wintery wonderland from scraps and bits and bobs.

This is an oddball escapade for all the family that looks at what really makes the winter season so much fun.

Kezia Cole and Richard Hay said ...

"Snow-pocalypse is about the weird beauty in the things we throw away.

We came up with the idea for the show after getting stuck in a house, in the middle of nowhere when suddenly the power went out.

With no wifi and hours to pass we felt like the last two people in the world and the only thing that was missing was a snowstorm.

We think that a Christmas shouldn't have to look "perfect" in order to be perfect.

Our characters Trilby and The Boot have never seen Christmas so when they try to make one everything goes wrong."

The show is concocted by SharkLegs, a visual theatre company making work which is irreverent, poignant and accessible with more references to The Dark Crystal than is perhaps healthy.

It is their mission to make creative work for the creative audience: work which inspires audiences to find their own creativity and look at the world in a new way - to see the robot in the cardboard box or the paper puppet in the copy of the Metro.

Past shows include The Inevitable Heartbreak of Galvin Plimsole at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016.


Trilby - Christina Forrest

The Boot - Billy Bilham


Author: Created by Kezia Cole and Richard Hay

Production: Sharklegs


Greenwich Theatre

Crooms Hill

London SE10 8ES


8 to 30 December 2017


£13.50; £8.50 children

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Greenwich Theatre

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