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Listings information

We take great care to ensure the accuracy of all the information on our website.

However, much of the information we publish is provided by third parties, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our listings, or be held repsonsible for any loss resulting from reliance on the information we provide.

Additionally, since we are human beings, there will inevitably be occasional typos and unavoidable errors.

We correct these as soon as they are discovered - you can help us by letting us know of any information which is no longer applicable or current, or simply inaccurate.

We make no warranties, or representations about any of the information we list on the site.

Everything is provided 'as is' and you are advised to check with other organisations (eg ticket agencies, or other websites) if you are relying on some information which might cost you money, or inconvenience and the like.

Reviews and articles

We publish reviews and articles supplied by our readers in order to give writers the opportunity to be published.

We do not currently pay a fee for these items.

If you submit your work to us for our consideration, we do not guarantee to publish it, or to enter into correspondence about it.

Submitting your work to us means you agree to allow us to continue publication forever if we decide to publish. This allows us to archive your work and make it accessible to visitors to our site for the foreseeable future.

If we publish your work, you may still seek publication with other organisations including websites, or media of any other kind.

We do not ask for exclusivity of your own material and the copyright remains with you.


If you book an ad with us (whether it is paid for or provided by us as a free service), your ad must:

  • comply with all laws of the UK applicable for the duration of your ad

  • not cause offence or contain 'adult material'

  • be paid for in advance unless you are taking-up one of our special free ad offers.

Ads are checked carefully by human beings before they appear on our website.

We reserve the right to refuse an advertisement for publication where we deem it is inappropriate for any reason whatsoever, and without entering into correspondence about our decision.

If we refuse to publish an ad, we will reimburse any fees you have already paid for it.

Tickets, books, travel

We provide links to external suppliers for you to buy items such as tickets, books or hotel rooms.

These items are provided by third parties and not by our organisation.

If you buy theatre tickets, hotel rooms, travel tickets or books and other publications, you must contact our partner companies with any complaints, or queries about your purchases and orders.

Since we do not provide these services, we do not accept any responsibility for their provision, quality, fitness for purpose or delivery.

External websites

We provide links to external websites for the benefit of our visitors and to help publicise the work of other oragnisations, and help them achieve their goals.

However, we have no control over external websites or the content they offer, and we accept no responsibility for that content, or for the views and opinions they express.


Cookies are small files which a website stores on your computer.

Like most other websites, we use cookies to store your choices while you are using our site and to make your browsing experience faster and easier.

This means, for example, when you choose from a menu, we save that choice to restore it when you visit the same page again.

We do not collect any personal information, or any details about your computer.

We never share any of your personal information with any other organisation, eg when you contact us by email or phone your address will remain confidential with us and not shared with anyone.

You can read more about our cookie policy here.

ActDrop Angels

As part of our commitment to the theatre community, we aim to share a proportion of our income with a fund we have set-up called 'ActDrop Angels'.

We take great care to keep our website activities and financial accounts separate from those of 'ActDrop Angels', and have enlisted the support of a board of independent advisors who administer and supervise the fund on behalf of the theatre sector.

You can find more about this innovative scheme on our 'ActDrop Angels' home page.


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