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The Tempest

4 star rating for this show
Image for The Tempest

14 March 2020 - Jermyn Street Theatre

Michael Pennington tackles the role of Prospero for the first time in formidable style in Tom Littler's evocative and inventively novel production of Shakespeare's final play.

When We Died

4 star rating for this show
Image for When We Died

12 March 2020 - The Vaults

An impressively measured and well-judged performance sensitively recounts the complex issues surrounding a rape and its devastating repercussions. Highly recommended.

Nuclear War / Buried / Graceland

3 star rating for this show
Image for Nuclear War / Buried / Graceland

7 March 2020 - Old Red Lion Theatre

No obvious, succinct link arises for this triptych of plays which mixes the frustratingly abstruse, the interestingly relevant and a stand-out, poignant solo performance.


3 star rating for this show
Image for Corpse!

6 March 2020 - Park Theatre

Gerald Moon's inventive and twist-filled comedy thriller gets an economical, if rather cramped revival that still surprises, but the comedy is underwhelming, dated and laboured.

In Our Bones

4 star rating for this show
Image for In Our Bones

4 March 2020 - The Vaults

An unusual and genuinely moving song cycle evoking the loss of connection with the landscape and the earth, in a provocative and thoughtful blend of music, vocals, poetry and painting.


4 star rating for this show
Image for Sweat

28 February 2020 - Tower Theatre

Another chance to catch Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, with Tower Theatre's Ian Hoare ably directing a capable cast who do more than ample justice to this important work.

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

4 star rating for this show
Image for Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

28 February 2020 - The Churchill Theatre

Mass confusion and misunderstandings galore, with Joe Pasquale extremely funny as Frank Spencer, reminding us of one of our TV sitcom heroes.

Be More Chill

4 star rating for this show
Image for Be More Chill

19 February 2020 - The Other Palace

The pure energy of this brilliant young cast takes your breath away - have a dose of 'Chill' and you'll find you're getting on top of life!

The Dog Walker

2 star rating for this show
Image for The Dog Walker

15 February 2020 - Jermyn Street Theatre

Oddly-matched characters have comic potential which is sadly unrealised in lacklustre, yawn-inducing dialogue and interactions, quickly resulting in boredom.


4 star rating for this show
Image for Macbeth

13 February 2020 - Queen's Theatre Hornchurch

A scrupulously directed, if fairly standard interpretation of The Scottish Play delivers much to praise in both the technical arena and in strong performances from a capable cast.


4 star rating for this show
Image for Time

13 February 2020 - Tristan Bates Theatre

A great piece of theatre with some great performances. If it doesn't move on or make the big screen, it would be the biggest crime since the Great Train Robbery.


3 star rating for this show
Image for Endgame

13 February 2020 - The Old Vic

Erudite and barmy, often dreary and sometimes funny. The set was sleek, the performances were entertaining ... but needs someone to breathe life into the dustbin.

monolog 3

3 star rating for this show
Image for monolog 3

12 February 2020 - Chickenshed Theatre

Disparate topics fall under the dramatic microscope in Chickenshed's latest offering of inventive, sometimes moving monologues that prove the art form is still alive and kicking.

A Passage to India

4 star rating for this show
Image for A Passage to India

7 February 2020 - Tower Theatre

A large ensemble capably maintain momentum which, along with some impressive individual performances, collectively deliver an entirely absorbing evening's theatre.

You Stupid Darkness!

5 star rating for this show
Image for You Stupid Darkness!

23 January 2020 - Southwark Playhouse

Provides intrigue, humour and an impending sense of doom and loss on a global and personal basis. You won't leave the theatre happy or enlightened, but you will leave it impressed.

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