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London theatre news: Saturday 26 May 2018

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Gods and Monsters Theatre return to The Scoop this August to bring their take on the Wizard of Oz and the legend of King Arthur to the open air stage ... and it's FREE!
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz at The Scoop

Image: Gods and Monsters Theatre

Think the cost of theatre in London is too high?

What if you could see top quality theatre for FREE?

Well, this summer you can thanks to the efforts of Gods and Monsters Theatre.

It all happens not far along the embankment from Tower Bridge in an open air space called The Scoop, right next to the river.

This year Gods and Monsters are producing two shows: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and King Arthur.

Both shows are written and directed by Phil Willmott.

The first of the shows is short at just about an hour long, and is intended for younger audiences and their friends and families.

The shows will be at The Scoop from 8 August to 2 September and should prove great fun for all the family.

We saw last year's show - read Peter Brown's review here.

Synopses and links to our full show listings are given below.

There's no need to book and entrance is completely free - all you need to do is turn up on the day you want to see either show and just find a seat!

This is an annual event of free theatre which proves very popular and is meant for anyone - whether you've ever been to the theatre or not.

And it's a great way to introduce children to live theatre.

Here's a feel for what to expect in this video about last year's show, The Odyssey ...


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Young Dorothy has been swept by a tornado, far from her Kansas home, to the magical land of Oz.

Only a mighty Wizard knows how she can get home but in exchange for the secret he demands she destroys the Wicked Witch of The West.

Aided by her dog Toto and their new Oz friends, Scarecrow, Tin Man and a cowardly lion, the team must find brains, hearts and courage to defeat the evil creature.

Packed with adventure, comedy and friendship and brought to vivid new life in a fresh, fun and fast moving production, our version of the Wizard of Oz is the perfect way to introduce youngsters to the joy of theatre going and live performance.

King Arthur

Arthur is chosen as the unlikely king of a mythical, medieval England.

Aided by the wizard Merlin and opposed by the ruthless enchantress, Morgan le Fay, he must unite a fractured kingdom.

He establishes a golden age leading a new breed of honourable brother-sister knights, who gather democratically around his famous round table.

But the idyllic peace and harmony is threatened by rivalry and unexpected betrayals of the heart, including the love of Arthur's queen, Guinevere for his best friend, Lancelot.

Drawing from the beautiful ancient text of Sir Thomas Malory's celebrated telling of the Camelot myths, Le Morte D'Artur, this romantic, action packed, dramatic account of King Arthur's reign will captivate anyone who appreciates the power of language, potent symbolism and an epic story, well told. 


Writer: Phil Willmott

Composer: Theo Holloway

Director: Phil Willmott

Justin Murray - Associate Director

Set designer: Justin Williams & Jonny Rust

Lighting: Ben Jacobs

Sound: Theo Holloway

Sofi Berenger - Producer

Production: Gods and Monsters Theatre

Production photography: (c) Sheila Burnett


The Scoop at More London

Queen's Walk

More London

London SE1 2DB


8 August to 2 September 2018


Free - no need to book, just turn up and watch!


ActDrop show listings:

- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

- King Arthur

Gods and Monsters Theatre

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