Sky in the Pie

London theatre news: Monday 6 January 2020

Circus - Family - Puppetry

Feathers of Daedalus and poet Roger McGough join forces to present a fantastical circus and puppetry spectacular at Vault Festival and OSO Arts during February and March.
Sky in the Pie  at OSO Arts Centre

Image: OSO Arts Centre

The poetry of Roger McGough will be brought to life in a new production, Sky in the Pie, from Feathers of Daedalus.

This fantastical circus and puppetry spectacular will feature new poems by the poet, and is scheduled to play at two London venues - OSO Arts from 17 to 22 February and at Vault Festival from 6 to 8 March 2020.

Audiences will follow one child's daydreaming as they discover the extraordinary wherever they go, from flying pigs to skies in pies.

Drawing from over 30 years of Mr McGough's works, Sky in the Pie is a wonderful and wacky celebration of the 'patron saint of poetry'.

Through circus, physical theatre and puppetry, Mr McGough's poems explode from the page, taking on new colour and physicality.

Sky in the Pie seeks to highlight how creativity is not limited to certain disciplines or generations and aims to inspire audiences of all ages to appreciate and enjoy poetry through the unusual and exciting format of circus.

To further this goal Feathers of Daedalus and Roger McGough are teaming up with the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education to run workshops alongside the show to further children's understanding and engagement with poetry from a young age.

Roger McCough commented ...

"When writing poems for children I have in mind the daydreamer, the one who is always staring out of the classroom window when they should be paying attention.

Sky in the Pie captures the child's imagination with a thrilling mix of verse and circus skills in a life-enhancing, mind-expanding, non-fattening feast of poetry!"

The production has been funded by Arts Council England.


Writers - Roger McGough and Joanna Vymeris

Director - Joanna Vymeris

Producer - Feathers of Daedalus

Sound Designer - Steve Halliwell

Set and Costume Designer - Rufus Martin

Venues and dates

OSO Arts Centre - 17 to 22 February 2020

49 Station Road


London SW13 0LF

VAULT Festival 6 to 8 March 2020


Leake Street

London SE1 7AD


OSO Arts

Vault Festival

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