Queen of Carnage at The Space

London theatre news: Saturday 25 March 2017

London Fringe - Multi-art - Opera

Collaborative company Eternus Rebellus Productions present this new piece of live art with a narrative from 11 to 15 April 2017 at The Space, Isle of Dogs, under the creative direction of Sobriety Twist.
Queen of Carnage at the The Space from Eternus Rebellus Productions

Image: Eternus Rebellus Productions

Collaborative company Eternus Rebellus Productions present their new piece - Queen of Carnage - at The Space, Isle of Dogs from 11 to 15 April 2017.

The company are working under the creative direction of Sobriety Twist as a continuation of her previous work themes exploring the non-social norm that is the Dominatrix (Fierce International Festival 2008: Ed Fringe 2007) and through her exploration and practice of opera.

Encompassing performance, film, digital imagery, installation art, soundscape, live music and opera the work follows the narrative of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas using parts of the score in this modern adaptation.

Intending to provide an immersive audience experience in the first instance with a walkthrough dungeon backstage, the other two acts aim to create a highly visual and aural performance experience.

Here's the trailer ...

Collaborators and performers include Amy Kingsmill (performance), Zoe Rixon (film/imagery/editing), Emma Blackwood (film & tech), Paul Blackwood (soundscape production), Peter Hodgkinson (violin)Tim Bowen (cello) and Gerry Black (screen performance, photography & installation).

Sobriety Twist, performance artiste and creative director, gives an explanation as to why she has brought the two elements of Femdom and opera together ...

“I was particularly struck by the character of Dido and her defining features of being untouchable and surrounded yet alone, which may parallel the perception and reality of a Dominatrix.

Additionally I was interested in taking an opera which had been written as a tale of morality for girls in the late 1600s and applying the Dominatrix theme in 2017 when women have so many more advantages yet are still at a disadvantage in many ways.

When I said to the cellist that 'Purcell would have loved it' he looked as though he didn’t quite agree!

There is no shock factor to this or an attempt to subvert a beautiful opera (and the most famous English one at that) rather an attempt to create an engaging piece of work from one style to another very different one, using the parallels within both to highlight the difference and sameness that is within us all."

[Note: The performance contains adult themes and projections which may have some strobe-like effects.]

Writer: Based on ideas from Henry Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas

Artistic director & devisor: Sobriety Twist

Collaborators: Emma Blackwood (film & editing), Paul Blackwood (soundscape production), Izaskun Gonzalez (visual art installation), Amy Kingsmill (performance), Zoe Rixon (film & editing) - for further artistes, see the company website.


The Space

269 Westferry Road

London E14 3RS


11 to 15 April 2017 at 7-30pm

Running time 80 mins.


£12; £8.50 concessions.

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Eternus Rebellus Productions

The Space

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