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Monday 19 June 2017

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The programme for this year's Women and War: EXODUS Festival, running from 4 to 30 July 2017, includes theatre, art, photography, rehearsed readings, dance, music and more.

Back for its second year, the Women and War: EXODUS Festival will run from 4 to 30 July 2017 at Streatham Hill Theatre.

Women and War: EXODUS is a multi-disciplinary festival focusing on displacement and refugeeism, from any period of history and any part of the world.

It will celebrate the lives of miraculous and courageous women across the human race through theatre, music, dance, art, film, performance, poetry, craft, cuisine, and comedy.

The festival will host work documenting, exploring and giving voice to the experiences of women from across the centuries and the world before during and after war.

The full festival line-up has been announced and booking is already open.

Women and war Festival - Exodus from So and So Arts Club

Image: So and So Arts Club

Here's a summary of what's on offer ...

The programme kicks-off with a Gala Opening on Monday 3 July at 7pm featuring a performance of Hurried Steps by Dacia Maraini, directed by Nicolette Kay, and preceded by a reading of Mark Ravenhill's 'Your Voice', by Madhav Sharma.

Colombia Day sees international Colombian film star, Alejandra Borrero, perform Victoria, about the fascinating life of Victoria Mendoza de Bastidas, who will be ordained at St Paul's Cathedral on 1 July, just 3 days before the event.

Yuldosh Juraboev and Orzu Arts presents Medea, The Outcast, as well as She - The Shakti.

Women At War: Sisterhood Knows No Borders takes the real stories of 4 women deployed in Afghanistan and weaves them with art, music, poetry, and movement.

Union Dance and Beverly Andrews presents Awa's Journey, a startling piece of dance-theatre about a Malian refugee and a Malian princess, both aliens in a strange land.

Fran Isherwood's STIGMAcollective.'s first outing is with right left with heels, which presents the anthropomorphised shoes of Magda Goebbels, the First Lady of Nazi Germany.

After huge success, Collide Theatre's Tejas Verdes comes to the festival - a celebration of human rights in the Pinochet regime.

Flowers That Float (On The Mediterranean Sea) is a production created in direct response to the worldwide refugee crisis, set in a circus camp.

Ariella Eshed's Tik-Sho-Ret Theatre Company showcases a work-in-progress staging of Under The Skin, about a lesbian Nazi officer and the relationship she starts with her Jewish prisoner.

Baba's War is an exploration of how war affects the individual, a Polish grandmother in this instance, served with cake, music, and anecdotes.

Unmasked Theatre revive their 2015 production, The Trojan Women, a gripping and unique take on Euripides' classic drama.

The festival is once again hosting Afghanistan Day, with all funds raised going to the Farkhunda Trust, a charity helping Afghani girls get university educations in their home country.

An experimental musical performance Chased Out by acclaimed artist Belle Scar will also be a highlight of the festival.

International Iranian artist, Afsoon, has donated two of her exquisite war carpets to the festival.

Roni Yaniv presents 'an impactful and inspirational play' The Waiting Room, an investigation into her grandmother's memories, told by multiple women.

And Ellie Moon and Jemma Gross are staging a rehearsed reading of their new work Fake News, about the true story of a group of individuals in Canada, who began the process of privately sponsoring a Syrian Refugee Family, until a conflict in the group led to the end of the sponsorship. 

If all that isn't enough to get your artistic taste buds watering, here's a preview of what to expect from last year's festival ...

And here's more information about the So and So Arts Club, which aims to pool the talent and resources of actors, writers, directors, designers, musicians, artists and producers and through networking and club events to offer support, to open doors, to create possibilities.


Streatham Hill Theatre

110 Streatham Hill





4 to 30 July 2017


Festival opening: £20 (includes a free drink)

Other shows - check pricing, most shows: £15 with £12 concessions

Festival pass: £45 with entry to 4 performances

Note: age restriction 18+ due to venue licensing laws

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