Review: You Stupid Darkness!

Southwark Playhouse
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Provides intrigue, humour and an impending sense of doom and loss on a global and personal basis. You won't leave the theatre happy or enlightened, but you will leave it impressed.
You Stupid Darkness! at Southwark Playhouse

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Closed here Saturday 22 February 2020

Cast and creatives


Andrew Finnigan

Jenni Maitland

Lydia Larson

Andy Rush


James Grieve
Sam Steiner
Amy Jane Cook
Peter Small
Dominic Kennedy
Annie-Lunette Deakin-Foster


“I just think it's, you know, important to look at the good things that are happening as well.”

Everything's been falling apart for a while now.

In a cramped, crumbling office four volunteers spend a few hours every Tuesday night on the phone to strangers telling them everything is going to be ok.

As the outside world disintegrates around them, Frances, Joey, Angie and Jon teeter on the edge of their own personal catastrophes.

Their hopes and fears become entangled as they try, desperately, to connect with the callers and with each other.

An urgent play from Sam Steiner about the struggle for optimism and community amid the chaos of a collapsing world.


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Jed McAndrew

Performance date: Tuesday 21 January 2020
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My first visit to Southwark Playhouse turned out to be a treat.

You Stupid Darkness provides intrigue, humour and an impending sense of doom and loss on a global and personal basis.

The last mutterings of lost souls meant to be providing a lifeline to others in distress, while working through their own distress.

You won't leave the theatre happy or enlightened (who ever does?) but you will leave it impressed.

The acting is naturalistic with a casualness that makes you think you're simply listening in.

The acting isn't forced.

I might be easily impressed but the special effects and lighting were spot on for what is a smallish theatre.

When the cast was trudging through water, I was taken by surprise - OK, I am easily impressed.

The explanation for the title of the play comes at the end.

I read it as a salutary warning about good advice not taken and anger drowning out hope.

It's definitely not good to read too much into plays.

Perhaps just enjoy it for what it is?

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