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Naked Justice

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Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Three strange people, two men and a woman, arrive in a house where they are obviously expected. Who are they?

No Limits: A Song Cycle

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Musical drama

The Other Palace

No Limits is an exciting new song-cycle by Sam Thomas that shatters the notion of falling behind in life - because there's really no such thing. It follows characters as they dare to believe in themselves and strive for a better tomorrow.

Noise Boys

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The PeacockVideo available for this show

An exhilarating tap dancing and beatboxing spectacular straight from a smash hit run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A full-throttle experience that will leave you on a complete high!

Non-Player Characters

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Etcetera Theatre

NW Trilogy

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Kiln Theatre

In the tradition of The Great Game: Afghanistan and Women, Power and Politics, Kiln Theatre presents a unique evening of three independent stories with common roots in Brent.


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