Theatres and the coronavirus outbreak

London theatres are permitted to open again to live audiences from Monday 17 May 2021.

Some smaller theatres have already made plans to reopen, though this does not apply yet to all venues.

Many of the big, popular shows in the West End have delayed reopening until later in the summer or Autumn.

We advise checking theatre websites for details about their particular reopening schedule and what you can expect when visiting.

One Day In Wonderland

31 May to 4 Jun 2021

Pelican House Pop Up Theatre

Lights of London present a new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic adventure in this fun family show, postponed due to covid-19 and revived for Spring 2021.
One Day In Wonderland at the Pelican House Pop Up Theatre

Image courtesy Lights of London

Show details


Alice is bored with her life and one day, she loves to daydream and one day a series of unexpected events lead her into the magical Wonderland ruled over by the Red Queen under the shadow of the mysterious Jabberwocky, a magical world full of new friends and frenemies who seem to need Alice's help.

Why is the Mad Hatter mad, and the White Rabbit always late?

Was Humpty Dumpty pushed or did he fall and why are all the roses painted red?

She really wishes Tweedledum and Tweedledee would stop fighting and the Cheshire Cat would stop smiling.

What with a smoking Caterpillar, time standing still, and a tea-drinking Dormouse, Alice doesn't know whether she's coming or going, but the big question is will she become Queen or go back to her "ordinary" life or is life in the upside-down world of Wonderland better?

Lights of London present a new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic adventure in this fun family show for the summer half-term, in an outdoor rain-covered pop-up theatre.

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Age suitability: 5+

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Pelican House Pop Up Theatre

Postal address:
144 Cambridge Heath Road
London E1 5QJ

Box office tel: -

Box office email: -

Location map for Pelican House Pop Up Theatre


Previews from:Monday 31 May 2021

Press night:Wednesday 2 June 2021

Closes:Friday 4 June 2021

Performance days & times



Monday - 2.00 pm, 4.00pm

Tuesday - 2.00 pm, 4.00pm

Wednesday - 2.00 pm, 4.00pm

Thursday - 2.00 pm , 4.00pm

Friday - 2.00 pm, 4.00pm

Running time: 1 hour 5 mins



£10 and £8 reductions in family households

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Access information

Entrance is through the Pelican House Cafe Theatre socially distanced.

There is wheelchair acccess to the performance but the toilets are in the basement so now wheelchair access to toilets.


Michael J Ansley

Miranda Braun

Darrie Gardner

Jed Mcloughlin

Paul-d Stephenson

Barnaby Quinn


Production: Lights of London Productions


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