Theatre closures due to coronavirus outbreak

England is cautiously moving out of national lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic, but London theatres remain closed to audiences.

The government has not announced firm dates for theatres to open in England, though a suggested date for indoor performances to restart has been given as 17 May 2021, with capacity restrictions.

Larger theatres may be back with full capacity audiences from 21 June.

London theatres are beginning to announce new show dates and we are updating our listings.

However, we advise checking theatre websites to confirm which shows will be playing in the future.

Plays On Film

Playing until 12 May 2021


First ever digital season from the King's Head Theatre, available to watch on its new on-demand platform, KHTV.
Plays On Film - Online from the King's Head Theatre

Image courtesy King's Head Theatre

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The programme includes JEW...ish, a quickfire romantic comedy exploring sex, polamory and Jewish identity; Vespertilio, an atmospheric tale of love, loneliness, bats and the unlikely connection between two gay men; Sacrament; a powerfully funny monologue about a young Irish Catholic woman questioning her sexuality; I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical, a sparkling revue show about the tumultuous world of musical theatre, on stage and off; and Illusions of Liberty, a searing exploration of invisible illness against the backdrop of a deeply 'hostile environment.'

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Previews from:Thursday 15 April 2021

Closes:Wednesday 12 May 2021

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Available on demand


Running time: To be confirmed


£10 - £18 - season pass for all five shows available for £60

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Production: King's Head Theatre


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