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London theatres are permitted to open again to live audiences from Monday 17 May 2021.

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The Off Key

28 Jun to 3 Jul 2021

Golden Goose Theatre

Two songwriters fall in and out of love and lockdowns in London. A new play with original songs by Scott Mackie.
The Off Key at the Golden Goose Theatre

Image courtesy Golden Goose Theatre

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Liv and Sam are songwriters.

A Scot and a Northerner, they meet in the country's capital, because that's where people once told them to go.

Now they're lost in a haze of lockdowns, love stories and loose ends.

London is cold, losing people aches and love stings like a motherfucker.

But when you meet the right person, it all fades away.

They fall for each other through their music.

And they fall out that way too.

With original songs such as 'I Like You, Break Up With Your Boyfriend For Me', 'Cucumber' and 'All This Time', The Off Key is an unflinchingly honest portrait of a modern relationship.

A genre-bending theatrical experience, it explores love, loss and the quest for truth in a world that doesn't seem all that interested in truth anymore.

Scott Mackie is a Scottish singer-songwriter and playwright.

This is his third play, but the first to feature original music.

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Age suitability: Not available

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Postal address:
146 Camberwell New Road
London SE5 0RR

Box office tel: -

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Previews from:Monday 28 June 2021

Closes:Saturday 3 July 2021

Performance days & times


Monday ‑ 7‑30pm

Tuesday ‑ 7‑30pm

Wednesday ‑ 7‑30pm

Thursday ‑ 7‑30pm

Friday ‑ 7‑30pm

Saturday ‑ 7‑30pm


Tuesday - 2-30pm

Thursday - 2-30pm

Friday - 2-30pm

Saturday - 2-30pm

Running time: To be confirmed




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Sam - Scott Mackie

Liv - Molly Glynn-whitehead


Author: Scott Mackie
Director: Scott Mackie
Production: Another Method Productions


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