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The Point of It

5 star rating

Closed 6 Jul 2019


Takes three overlooked stories by E M Forster - stories of great power and theatrical potential - and weaves them into a single drama set today and in 1912.
The Point of It at RADA Festival

Image courtesy RADA

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The Point of It takes three overlooked stories by E M Forster - stories of great power and theatrical potential - and weaves them into a single drama set today and in 1912.

No-one writes better about the tragic collision of convention and desire - between the comfortable life we cling to and the violent urge to be free - but there is nothing especially Edwardian about such a conflict, so we have updated and reshaped the stories to make Forster's vision of the human spirit struggling to be free available to a new audience in a highly theatrical staging, reframing his vision in the light of contemporary gay and intersectional experience.

Background information, advisory warnings

Age suitability: Not available

The Point of It is performed by an ensemble of six, doubling and trebling roles in a style that combines physical theatre with naturalism.

Though the action covers a century and spans the globe, it takes place in a single setting, which is transformed by the actors as they go.

Festival: This show is part of RADA Festival 2019.

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Postal address:
Malet Street
London WC1E 7JN

Box office tel: 020 7908 4800

Box office email: Send Mail

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Previews from:Friday 28 June 2019

Closes:Saturday 6 July 2019

Performance days & times


Friday 28 June 2019, 7:15pm

Monday 1 July 2019, 7:15pm

Tuesday 2 July 2019, 8:15pm

Wednesday 3 July 2019, 9:15pm

Friday 5 July 2019, 7:15pm

Saturday 6 July 2019, 9:15pm


Saturday 29 June 2019, 4:15pm

Saturday 6 July 2019, 2:15pm

Running time: To be confirmed





Lily-Fleur Bradbury - Nurse, Olive, Lady Manning

David Burnett - Lionel, Doctor, Sandy

Tanmay Dhanania - Nari

Tibu Fortes - Rikki

Richard Hansell - Michael, Colonel Arbuthnot

Sadie Shimmen - Mrs March, Mrs Arbuthnot


Author: based on short stories of E M Forster adapted by Simon Dormandy
Director: Simon Dormandy
Lighting: Ben Bull
Sound: Henry Parritt
Fight director: Bret Yount
Movement: Lina Johansson
Video designer: Ben Bull


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