Bechdel Theatre Festival

Bechdel Theatre is holding pop-up conversations in theatre bars and cafes, in a celebration of plays that ace the Bechdel test.

Bechdel Festival

Image: Bechdel Theatre

Festival type: Feminism, Free event

Region: London

About the festival

As with productions promoted on @BechdelTheatre, shows celebrated can be any style or scale, as long as women are represented as existing beyond their relationships to men.

Note: the festival is not producing new plays, but celebrating ones that already exist.

The festival can promote your show if it aces the Bechdel test, but only once it’s on stage!

Conversations focus on sharing responses to the story and characters in the play, and themes we can relate to real life, framed in non-theatre-specific language (ie if the play was ‘Top Girls’ we may talk about motherhood, class, “career women”, and what has changed since the 1980s).

The festival is for anyone seeking a deeper discussion of female characters than can be held on twitter.

Bechdel Theatre Festival conversations are free to attend if you've seen any performance of the play being discussed.


Starts:Sunday 20 March 2016

Ends:Friday 31 March 2017

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