The Princess Monologues

London theatre news: Monday 11 January 2016

London Fringe - Opening - Shows

Following rave reviews for its previous run at London venues in November and December 2015, Goblin Baby Theatre Company bring this show to The Hen & Chickens Theatre on Friday 22 January, and the Bread & Roses Theatre on Friday 12 February 2016.

The Princess Monologues by Goblin Baby Theatre Co

Image: Eliza Power


For centuries we've been obsessed with the concept of being a 'Princess' whilst teaching generations of young girls that they should aspire to become one. The Princess Monologues question what it actually means to be a 'Princess' in the 21st century and whether it is really that desirable ...

From iconic fairytale Princesses to stereotypical Disney Princesses, contemporary princesses to historical Princesses, imagined Princesses to imaginary Princesses, former Princesses to future Princesses, British Princesses to foreign Princesses, wannabe Princesses to self-proclaimed Princesses ...

In a series of ten minute monologues several of these ‘Princesses’ tell us:

What does it even mean to be a Princess in the 21st Century?

The Monologues

#Shame by Eliza Power

Gretchen is 27 today. Exactly one day too old to be a Disneyland Princess. As career wilderness approaches, she must finally drop her glittery guise and confront the past she's been hiding from.

Princess Frankenstein by Claire Booker

Medical student, Frankie, is a genius in the lab, but her love life stinks. Then she gets the Big Idea. Can she surgically create the perfect man?

Hail Your Majesty by Tessa Hart

A real-life Princess. In the 21st Century. Born into one of the richest Royal Families in the World. She has it ‘all’... Except her own voice.

Just a Girl by Tina Jay

Sarina isn't a real princess - she never wanted to be - but given titles are hard to escape from. As are the towers of imprisonment that an unwanted label can bring.

Dynamite II by Tilly Lunken

Diana Might didn't make it to her last performance and so it's left to her sister Emma to share what she wrote.

Home Made Princess by Simon Jay

A Princess' life is laid out for her - It can be a curse for some but for others it can be a liberation; for this Princess it's her only escape from a grim reality.

Mr Andersen's Princess by Amy Bethan Evans

Princess Alexandra of Denmark was Princess of Wales for many years and as a child was told the original story of the princess of the sea; a tale that may not be as absurd to her as she claims....

Cast & crew

Director: Tessa Hart

Performed by: Eleanor Dillon-Reams

Assistant Director: Grace Taylor

Supporting Designer: Alisa James


Goblin Baby Theatre Company

Bread & Roses Theatre

Hen & Chickens Theatre

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