The Teind at the Old Red Lion

London theatre news: Tuesday 11 September 2018

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A personalised, choose-your-own-adventure horror story unfolds through daily interactions with characters over three weeks via email, text or social media, before a final face-to-face interaction ...
The Teind at the Old Red Lion

Image: Oneohone Theatre Company

There's something distinctly different on offer in this interactive production from Oneohone Theatre Company.

It's not so much an evening or matinee performance where you fetch-up at the theatre at a specific time, but an ongoing series of interactions which take place over a period of time starting on 10 October.

The Teind is part theatre, part role playing game, part video game.

It will see audiences interact daily with characters by social media, phone, and email over the course of three weeks, before meeting one of the characters in person at the Old Red Lion (though this is optional).

Choices made during the daily interactions will determine which character you ultimately meet in person and a range of endings to the show mean you can experience a personalised horror story.

About the company

ONEOHONE Theatre Company has been producing innovative and interactive takes on classic texts since 2009.

It has won several awards for innovation at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes. 

Artistic Director Asia Osborne has directed work for the Old Vic, Southwest Shakespeare in Mesa, Arizona, Theatre 503, the Broadway Theatre, and was Director in Residence for Eton College.

Creative Producer Eleanor Rushton is an actor, writer and storyteller specialising in interactive worh.

She produces the Story Etc. podcast and can regularly be heard on BBC Radio 4.

She also voices Janine in the cult running app, Zombies, Run!

Show listing information


This new production by ONEOHONE Theatre is a unique choose-your-own-adventure designed to be experienced individually.

Your story will unfold over three weeks as different characters contact you, drawing you into a dangerous world of dark fairytale.

How and whether you interact with them is entirely up to you.

The story can develop without your input, but every exchange will deepen your understanding of the strangeness around you.

Each day will bring new information, new interactions, leading up to a face-to-face meeting.

Production: Oneohone Theatre Company


Old Red Lion Theatre
418 St John Street


From: Wednesday 10 October 2018

Closed: Sunday 28 October 2018


Standard: £27


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