Autumn season at Battersea Arts Centre

London theatre news: Friday 17 May 2019

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Battersea Arts Centre has announced its Autumn 2019 season featuring Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas, LUNG, Louise Orwin and Nouveau Riche as part of the line-up coming this September.
Autumn season at Battersea Arts Centre

Shows playing from September to November have been announced as part of Battersea Arts Centre's Autumn season line-up.

The schedule features the brand new show ONE by Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas, the London premiere of LUNG's Trojan Horse, a reworking of Louise Orwin's Oh Yes Oh No, Queens of Sheba by Nouveau Riche and Jessica L Hagan, Tom Marshman's A Haunted Existence, video installation Now Is The Time To Say Nothing by Caroline Williams & Reem Karssli and Essex Girl by Maria Ferguson.

Find below brief summaries of the shows ... for booking, check BAC's website.


Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

30 Sep - 19 Oct

Nasi is on a ladder and he is not coming down any time soon.

It's time for Bert's solo career to begin.

Taking as its point of departure the polarisation of contemporary politics, ONE begins amid the ruins of an unresolved conflict.

In the final part of their trilogy - following EUROHOUSE and the Total Theatre Award-winning PALMYRA - Bert and Nasi fight to find common ground, however unsteady.

ONE examines the left through the prism of the right, and the walls we build to protect the difference between what we say and who we really are.

On 19 October, Bert and Nasi will present the whole trilogy.

Now Is The Time To Say Nothing

Caroline Williams & Reem Karssli

2-19 Oct

An immersive video installation exploring the role of screens in observing global conflict - a provocation against armchair passivity.

Using stunning video and immersive sound, follow the real story of Syrian artist Reem Karssli as she captures her daily experience of the Syrian conflict on camera.

Created over four years, following Reem into an exile which forces her to leave her camera behind, Now Is The Time To Say Nothing is an intimate exploration of what it means to stay connected to each other and of what happens when war and the need for survival gets in the way.

Produced by MAYK.


Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

19 Oct

Two performers - one Greek, one French - dance and shout, cry and sing, agree and disagree, about life in the Eurohouse.

A darkly comic look at the EU's founding ideals and what got lost along the way.

Made in transit between Greece and the UK, EUROHOUSE premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016, where it won a Summerhall Award.


Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

19 Oct

Exploring the politics of destruction and what we consider to be barbarian, PALMYRA invites people to step back from the news, and look at what lies beneath - and beyond - civilisation.

Following critical success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, PALMYRA plays as the second part of Bert and Nasi's trilogy of work.

Trojan Horse


4-16 Nov

Trojan Horse was a local story that hit the national press, accusing 'hardline' Muslim teachers and governors of plotting extremism in Birmingham schools.

Adapted from the real-life testimonies of those at the heart of the UK Government's inquiry, critically acclaimed theatre-company LUNG investigates what really happened.

Originally developed with Leeds Playhouse, Amnesty International Freedom of Expression & Fringe First Award-winning production, Trojan Horse is the story of a community torn apart by racial division, 'British values' and the culture of Prevent.

Essex Girl

Maria Ferguson

5-6 Nov

Kirsty is a sixteen-year-old girl growing up in 00s Brentwood.

She likes WKD, Elton John, Pie and Mash and Charlie Red body spray.

She's on a quest to win Sexy Ricky's heart and pass her GCSEs.

She also has a secret to tell you - one she can't tell anyone else.

Follow Kirsty's story through the house parties and Irish pubs of Essex.

From West Ham matches to choir practice, pre-drinks to registration, she will tell you what it's really like to be an Essex Girl.

A Haunted Existence

Tom Marshman

7-9 Nov

In the early 1950s, 17-year-old Geoffrey Patrick Williamson was on the Exeter to Bristol train when he got into a conversation with another man, also travelling in his train compartment, who accused Geoffrey of making 'improper approaches'.

The other man was a Railway Officer in plain clothes.

Geoffrey was arrested at the next stop.

When questioned, Williamson revealed the names of men he had had sex with, so beginning a domino effect of arrests, prison sentences, aversion therapy and suicide.

A Haunted Existence weaves together history and hearsay to highlight turmoil, stigma and heartbreak and tell the story of Britain's very recent, shameful past.

Tom Marshman blends creative technology, music and projection as he retraces a forgotten true story.

Oh Yes Oh No

Louise Orwin

12-23 Nov

Award-winning performance artist Louise Orwin asks the difficult questions as she takes you on a surreal joyride through femme sexuality and violence.

Made exclusively with the candid input of those willing to talk openly and honestly about their sex life, this one-woman show interrogates desire, consent and power play.

Featuring explicit XXX, Barbie'n'Ken role-play, a heady mix of pop culture references, and sound design by Alicia Jane Turner (THIS IS HOW WE DIE composer), the show explores sexuality and who gets to have a say in it.

Oh Yes Oh No dares to speak about a subject which is rarely addressed publicly, especially in the wake of #MeToo.

Steady yourself to rethink desire, and then watch her smash it all to pieces.

Queens of Sheba

Nouveau Riche

18-23 Nov

Turned away from a nightclub for being "too black", four women take to the stage with explosive true stories.

At a London nightclub in 2015, the lives of a group of friends were changed forever when confronted with misogynoir - where sexism meets racism - in its most vicious form.

Four passionate women re-affirm the joys of sisterhood as they tell hilarious, moving and uplifting stories that shed light on the lives of everyday women battling what shouldn't be an everyday problem.

Queens of Sheba is an hour-long journey of laughter and reflection, written by Jessica L. Hagan and presented by Nouveau Riche, a new diverse, creative movement, headed by a team of professional artists and producers.


Battersea Arts Centre

Lavender Hill

London SW11 5TN


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