Out Of Order from Forced Entertainment

London theatre news: Wednesday 2 October 2019


Forced Entertainment's latest group piece Out Of Order has its UK premiere at London's Southbank Centre next week from 12 to 14 October.
Out Of Order at Southbank Centre

Image courtesy Forced Entertainment

Forced Entertainment's latest group work will have its premiere at London's Southbank Centre next week.

The show is the company's first theatre work they've ever made with no spoken text and is also scheduled for Manchester's Home from 13 to 15 November and Brighton's Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts on 19 November (more details here).

Teetering carelessly between funny and not funny at all, comical and absolutely tragic, a troupe of hapless clowns sit huddled round a table, waiting for trouble to start.

It might look like peace for a moment but soon it's mayhem again.

Here's the trailer ...

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Clowns in a fight; music, sweat and bright light.

A troupe of hapless clowns rehearse old gags and get tangled in new ones.

They get trapped in a long-standing dispute, huddled at a table waiting for trouble to start.

Like friends. Like politicians. Like a meeting that always collapses.

A destruction that can't be escaped.

A conversation that can't quite be had.

Southbank Centre Associate Company Forced Entertainment present the UK premiere of Out of Order.

Driven by a heavy musical score, Out Of Order teeters carelessly between funny and not funny at all, comical and absolutely tragic.

It is the ruins of a show in the ruins of a world.

Things go quiet, melancholy, all out of breath.

Where we're at. Where we are heading.

Out Of Order says it all without speaking.

Production: Forced Entertainment


Southbank Centre - Queen Elizabeth hall
Belvedere Road


From: Saturday 12 October 2019

Closed: Monday 14 October 2019


Standard: £20


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