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London theatre news: Friday 15 November 2019

Science fiction

The third incarnation of Talos, London's Science Fiction Theatre Festival, takes place for 8 days from 2 to 9 December, at Clapham's Omnibus Theatre.
Talos Festival 2019

Image courtesy Cyborphic

Created in 2015, Talos is London's science fiction theatre festival and is reappearing for its third year at Omnibus Theatre in Clapham from 2 to 9 December 2019, presenting two shows per night (show details and dates are given below).

Alongside the festival, the third international Stage the Future conference on science fiction theatre will take place on 6 and 7 December at the same venue.

Launched in 2014, the conference was mentioned in American Theatre as the event where the global sci-fi community of theatremakers gathers, and is part of the company's vision to promote sci-fi theatre on and off the stage.

The festival also features a Hopepunk Scratch night, presenting new short scripts about optimistic futures.

Talos is produced by the London-based theatre company Cyborphic which is also organising the Science Fiction Theatre Research Lab workshop series and the Stage the Future conference on science fiction theatre.

For reviewers, there will be two press nights:

Tuesday 3rd December: We Sing, I Sang (7pm), Quintessence (9pm)

Thursday, 5th December: Room Service (7pm), One Woman Alien (9pm)


Omnibus Theatre (Studio Upstairs)

1 Clapham Common North Side


London SW4 0QW

Dates and shows

Launch Event - 2nd December

AI / Creativity Meeting (6.30pm)

Introduction to Sci-Fi Theatre: Workshop (8pm)

Mayuri: Staged Reading (9pm)

Stage the Future conference

6 to 7 December

RawTransport (Electric Village)

In need of a fast escape?

Tired of the same old day-today routine?

Want to become a founding user of the latest technology in human travel?

Then join the creators of RawTransport™, a top-of-the-line travel company that can take you ANYWHERE for ANY REASON.

This show has VR headsets available for two/three audience members, and offers a sensory experience to those both with and without the headsets.

Dec 2 7pm

Dec 7 9pm

Mayuri: Staged Reading (Cyborphic)

Following an existential crisis, Mayuri leaves her human life behind, befriends a robot and transfers her brain into a machine.

Alienated by humans & robots alike, her life keeps changing while a cult starts following her like a god.

Dec 2 9pm


Humanity's extinction leaves behind an AI being programmed to recreate the human race when the time is right, with the complete works of Shakespeare as a guide to the human spirit.

Humanity must thrive ... but at what cost?

Dec 3 9pm

Dec 6 9pm

We Sing, I Sang (Virtually Opera)

An improvised opera, drawing on the audience's experiences and stories to create a new collective Mind each night.

What was the crisis?

Who were the fragments?

And why did they join the Mind?

A world will be built and lost over the course of the evening.

Dec 3 7pm

Dec 4 9pm

Room Service (Two Right Feet)

What happens when you check into a hotel and room service knows what you need before you do?

When it knows more about you than your family and friends?

When it decides it knows what is best for you.

Dec 5 7pm

Dec 7 7pm

One Woman Alien (Cast Iron Theatre)

In fringe theatre, no one can hear you scream: one hour, one woman, one cult movie.

Dec 5 9pm

Mission Creep (Controlled Chaos Theatre Company)

Tess and Liam are determined to get off the planet at any cost.

On paper, they're the perfect applicants for Britain's intergalactic relocation project: they're young, fertile, and their queerplatonic relationship might even pass for heterosexual bliss.

Dec 8 7pm

Will Tell You in a Minute (Nuna Livhaber)

In 2039, a black writer lives in a future world where racism has ceased to exist.

She travels back in time to meet her younger self (and to promote her new book), beginning a journey filled with anger, celebration, and healing.

Blending spoken word, satire, and physical theatre, this is an Afrofuturist manifesto for the 21st century.

Dec 8 9pm

Hopepunk Scratch

A Night of Hopeful Theatre - an evening of short scripts, exploring "weaponised hope", optimism and some mind-blowing visions about the futures to come!

Dec 9 7pm


Cyborphic website

Omnibus Theatre

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