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London theatre news: Wednesday 8 January 2020

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A cast of TV talent has been announced for Harry Darell's hard-hitting 'For the Sake of Argument' - heading to the Bridewell from 28 January to 8 February 2020.
For the Sake of Argument at Bridewell

Image: Bridewell

Written and directed by Harry Darell, For the Sake of Argument is a hard-hitting production which explores the dangerous power of language after a journalist's words inspire a young man to enlist in the army.

The play will be at the Bridewell from 28 January to 8 February 2020 with casting announced today.

Georgie Farmer (Ready Player One, Warner Brothers; Mowgli, Netflix; Treadstone, USA Network) joins the cast as Mark Bradley, alongside Greg Snowden (Emmerdale, Coronation Street, ITV; My Mind is Free, Rah Rah Theatre Company) as Nelson Walsh.

Paula Cassina (Refugee, Studio Soho; Strindberg's Women, Etcetera Theatre; Razor in the Flesh, Adream Creative) is Maria Bradley, Ella May (Dido and Aeneas, BBC; The Circle, Channel 4) is Liz and Ashleigh Cole (The United Kingdom of Earth: A Brexit Opera; The Agitprop Allstars; O.L.D: Online Dating, Camden Fringe Festival; The Seagull, Woodhouse Players) is the passionate and argumentative journalist Eleanor Hickock.

Arthur Verlade (Alright Harry?, Claudia Baskind; Nice Mike, Coldwood; Soul Searching, Mirtha Vega) is Miles Finlay, Henry Eaton-Mercer makes his professional debut as Arthur Wilson and Lucia France (A Touch of Frost, ITV; Prowler, Amazon Prime; The Guinness World Records Live, UK tour) is Abigail Taunton.

Matt Weyland (Call the Midwife, Miranda, BBC; The Crucible, Old Vic) and Harry Farmer (Fool For Love, Charlie Chaplin Theatre; Talking To Alice, Blank Theatre Company; Tonight with Donny Stixx, off-Broadway) round off the cast as Piers and Billy Bradley.

For the Sake of Argument interrogates the power and danger of language, as one journalist's words send a young man to the frontline.

When a reader's mother seeks out the journalist who convinced her son to die for his country, sparks fly and violent confrontations ensue.

The play looks to promote the value of compassion and understanding, highlighting the dangers of taking flippant and radical positions on important issues.

It discusses the need for full context and warns of the dangers of offhand comments and encourages patience rather than knee-jerk reaction.

Writer and director Harry Darell commented ...

"This is a fantastic cast and I couldn't be happier that they are the ones to bring this project to life.

Each actor has already brought so much to the production, offering brilliant new insights and detail on their characters."

Show listing information


Follows the story of Eleanor Hickock, a passionate and argumentative polemical journalist who becomes the Iraq War's chief evangelist.

This hard-hitting production interrogates the power and danger of language, as one journalist's words send a young man to enlist for the frontline.

For Eleanor, conversations are a battleground and words are tools for manipulation.

Her disputatious stance on the 2003 invasion persuades one reader, Mark, to enlist.

When Mark's mother seeks out the journalist who convinced her son to die for his country, sparks fly and violent confrontations ensue.

Eleanor is faced with a family who mourn the loss of a son and a brother and is asked to answer for it.


Georgie Farmer - Mark Bradley

Greg Snowden - Nelson Walsh

Paula Cassina - Maria Bradley

Ella May - Liz

Ashleigh Cole - Eleanor Hickock

Arthur Velarde - Miles Finlay

Henry Eaton-Mercer - Arthur Wilson

Lucia France - Abigail Taunton

Matt Weyland - Piers Bradley

Harry Farmer - Billy Bradley


Author: Harry Darell
Director: Harry Darell
Designer: Amy Watts
Visual effects: Charles Flint (Director of Photography)
Video designer: Michael Le (head of videography)
Production: Admission Productions


Bride Lane
Fleet Street


From: Tuesday 28 January 2020

Closed: Saturday 8 February 2020


Standard: £19


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