Upcoming panto - FROSTBITE, Who Pinched My Muff?

London theatre news: Wednesday 28 October 2020

Off-West End - Panto

The first (ADULT) panto to be staged at the award-winning Garden Theatre at The Eagle gets a run from 26 November.
FROSTBITE, Who Pinched My Muff? at The Garden Theatre

Image courtesy Lambco Productions

It might claim to borrow from traditional fairy tales, but expect any similarity between this show and the delightful charm of the genre you've become used to from the likes of Disney to be tenuous at the very least.

And deliberately so.

Even a glance at the title - FROSTBITE, Who Pinched My Muff? - is enough to spell out that we're in the realms of ADULT panto here - and thus, almost certainly, totally unsuitable for your little darlings.

That said, there's every likelihood that this panto could well provide a totally hilarious evening for grown-up types at one of London's newest theatres - The Garden Theatre at the Eagle in Kennington Lane.

The venue's performance space is outdoors but newly installed heating and covering to protect from the elements, together with all the required trappings of social distancing, will keep you dry, warm and covid-safe while getting a dose of welcome entertainment.

The very first panto at this venue, FROSTBITE, Who Pinched My Muff? is produced by Lambco Productions who've been blazing something of a trail at this location over the past few weeks, with a progression of shows including a number of well-received musicals.

Gareth Joyner (alter ego of 'Britain's Got Talent' finalist, Myra Dubois) is responsible for the script and director Robert McWhir gets the (possibly) onerous task of keeping the show together.

Expect all the usual panto elements including tons of audience participation, ad-libbing aplenty and ... a huge dollup of adult humour, more likely approximating to "pure juvenile filth"!

Show listing information


An adult panto by Gareth Joyner (alter ego of 'Britain's Got Talent' finalist, Myra Dubois), 'FROSTBITE, Who Pinched My Muff?' is set in the 'generically Germanic' Alpine village of Vaüxhallen, and borrows freely from the traditional fairy-tales 'Mother Goose' and 'The Snow Queen' but with added jokes that are pure juvenile filth!

'FROSTBITE, Who Pinched My Muff?' is the first panto to be staged at the award-winning Garden Theatre at The Eagle Pub in Vauxhall.

The generically Germanic alpine village of Vaüxhallen is a happy place where all are honest and true.

Quite frankly it's nauseating, and no one thinks this more than the villainous human-hating Demon Frostbite, whose mission it is to freeze the hearts of all mankind! With his sights sets on our warm-hearted friend Dame Herda Gerda, will Fairy Snowflake thwart his evil plans with a flurry of her magic?

What about Lumiukko, our loveable snowman friend?

Perhaps our hero Garbo will save the day and chop down the Beanstalk?

Is that even the right show? Who knows!

With thigh-slapping routines and songs you know and love, 'FROSTBITE, Who Pinched My Muff?' is all the magic of pantomime from your childhood, but in a beer garden after a few mulled wines.

If you've any notion that this will be like any Disney movie then you'd better 'let it go…'


Bessy Ewa (Greta)

Tom Keeling (Bergermeister Kai)

James Lowrie (Lumiukko)

Kingsley Morton (Fairy Snowflake)

Shelley Rivers (Garbo)

Nathan Taylor (Demon Frostbite)

Dereck Walker (Dame Herda Gerda)


Author: Gareth Joyner
Director: Robert McWhir
Designer: David Shields
Musical direction: Aaron Clingham
Choreography: William Spencer
Lighting: Richard Lambert
Production: Peter Bull for LAMBCO Productions


The Garden Theatre
The Eagle
349 Kennington Lane
SE11 5QY


From: Thursday 3 December 2020

Closes: Sunday 10 January 2021


Standard: From £18.00 + bkng fee

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