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London theatre news: Thursday 12 November 2020

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'Blue Peter' legend Peter Duncan signs two major cinema deals to screen his homemade pantomine in 55 UK cinemas this Christmas.
Peter Duncan as Dame Trott

Peter Duncan as Dame Trott - photo by Gordon Render

In a previous news item, we reported on 'Blue Peter' legend Peter Duncan's magnificent efforts to keep panto alive this Christmas.

Earlier in the year, Mr Duncan and a team of talented cast of actors and a top-notch creative team filmed a version of Jack and the Beanstalk in the actor's garden with the aim of delivering it to audiences online.

Now the project has got its very own fairy tale ending having struck deals with UK cinema chains Everyman and Showcase to give a cinema release to this socially distanced online pantomime.

Apart from his nationwide reputation with the BBC's Blue Peter TV programme, Mr Duncan is also well-known as a critically acclaimed panto dame, as well as a writer and director.

It's no wonder, then, that he seized the opportunity to devise his own panto production in these difficult times.

The resulting film has impressed UK cinema chains enough to merit a VIP red carpet premiere at the Everyman Cinema in Crystal Palace at the beginning of December.

And, subsequently, it will roll out to all Everyman cinemas on December 4, followed by Showcase and Showcase Cinema De Luxe cinemas on December 11.


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Peter Duncan said ...

"This really does feel like a fairy tale ending - and I have to pinch myself that our little film is going to end up being screened at 55 cinemas across the UK.

When I had the initial idea for Panto Online, I naively thought we might shoot a traditional panto guerilla-style on mobile phones, but that evolved and was upscaled as I recruited the cast and production team - who were all friends and colleagues I'd worked with before on other projects.

I'm thrilled that it gave work to 35 unemployed actors and freelance creatives.

We are now rushing to finish all post-production work to ensure 'Jack and the Beanstalk' is a wonderful cinema treat for those who prefer a group outing to join in the boos, cheers, shouts of 'he's behind yous', a sing-a-long song and all the classic panto antics that families normally love in a theatre setting.

There may be no 007 and Christmas may have been cancelled by all the studio blockbusters, but 'Jack and the Beanstalk' is coming to a cinema near you to cheer us all up.

Oh, yes it is!"

Paul Wise of Everyman Cinemas said ...

"When Peter came to us and showed the rough cuts of his work, I was so enthralled we decided to come on board as co-producers.

What the country needs right now is a great panto, with a positive story, full of laughter and the hope of a vaccine.

It looks like we have both."

The production will also be supporting six fantastic charities and youth projects:


Clothe Me - Thank you

British Youth Music Theatre



Best Beginnings


'Jack and the Beanstalk' is a planet-saving pantomime packed with topical references, songs, laughter and great special effects for all the family.

Giant Blunderbore is in a terrible rage.

He shouts from above threatening to eat any villager who won't pay their rent.

Poor Dame Trott has to sell her precious cow Buttercup and sends her son Jack to the cow market.

All he comes back with is a worthless bag of beans.

Jill, the grumpy Squire's daughter is kidnapped by the Giants personal chef, Fleshcreepy and taken to the castle in the clouds, which is actually in the neighbours garden.

Will Jack be the hero, climb the beanstalk, rescue his girlfriend and save the world from the human chomping ogre.

Only the magical Garden Fairy knows the answer to that …

Here's the cinema trailer ...


Peter Duncan (Dame Trott)

Ian Talbot, OBE (Squire Shortshanks)

Sam Ebenezer (Jack Trott)

Sarah Moss (Jill Shortshanks)

Nicola Blackman (The Garden Fairy)

Jos Vantyler (Fleshcreepy)

Yuval Shvartsman (Giant Blunderbore)

Josh Freeman (Wolf Beast)

Julia & Chris Redburn (Buttercup the Cow)

Ensemble cast:

Charlie Booker, Matthew Dawkins, Daisy English, Bessy Ewa, Ben Westhead, Morgan Wilcox, Katie Duncan, Lucy Heath, Ava & Harriet Knott, Alfie Loomis and Josephine Chasney-Evans


Writer/Co-Director - Peter Duncan

Co-Director - Ian Talbot

Producer/Production manager - Denise Silvey

Cameraman & Editor - Luke Roberts

Musical Director & Orchestrations - Colin Cattle

Location Sound - Matthew Case

Music mix - Stu Reid

Sound Post Production - Dave Aston

Scenic & Prop Design - Peter Humphrey

Wardrobe Master/Costume Maker - David Morgan

Choreographer - Julia Redburn

Production Co-ordinator - Annie Francis

Publicist - Kevin Wilson

Marketing - Emma Martin

Schools & Group sales - Anna Bolton

Venues and dates

Premiere at the Everyman Cinema in Crystal Palace at the beginning of December, then rolls out to all Everyman cinemas on December 4, followed by Showcase and Showcase Cinema De Luxe cinemas on December 11.

Also available online from 4 Dec 2020 until 10 Jan 2021 (website link below) with tickets from £20


Panto Online website

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