101 at the Theatre N16

London theatre news: Friday 24 March 2017

Immersive theatre

After creating a splash on the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes, ONEOHONE Theatre Company returns to London with a mix of old and new scenarios for their interactive performance, 101 - at Theatre N16 from 4 to 8 April 2017.
101 at Theatre N16

Image: Theatre N16

After creating a splash on the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes, including winning the FringeGuru Editor’s Choice Award and being nominated for ‘Most Groundbreaking Act’ by Latest 7 Magazine, ONEOHONE returns to London with a mix of old and new scenarios.

In 101, a small audience is directly involved in an interactive performance grounded in the fundamental values of traditional and classical storytelling.

Guided by the cast using a mixture of suggestion technique, physical theatre and improvisation, every audience member is personally involved in the performance.

There are 5 separate performances:

101: KNOW ME

...at my worst to know me at my best.  Peel away my skin.

101: FIND ME

... under the moon; chase me laughing through the trees. Keep true, love.

101: SAVE ME

... from the dark; innocence crumbles. You are my teacher.


... and only me; you face betrayal.  Mark me, and stay close.

101: BIND ME

... so we’ll never break apart; don’t break the circle. I’ll never let you go. 

Here's a taster ...

Trailer by Asia Osborne and Chris Thursten with Arabella Lawson, Thea Warren, Brian McMahon, Jacob Fortune, Lindsay Dukes, Elle Rushton and Matt Maltby.

Soundtrack: 'Signal' by Phoria

And here's the schedule:

Tuesday 4 April

7:30pm - 101: Know Me

9:00pm - 101: Find Me

Wednesday 5 April

7:30pm - 101: Save Me

9:00pm - 101: Trust Me

Thursday 6 April

7:30pm - 101: Bind Me

9:00pm - 101: Know Me

Friday 7 April

7:30pm - 101: Find Me

9:00pm -  101: Save Me

Satruday 8 April

7:30pm - Trust Me

9:00pm - 101: Bind Me

ONEOHONE Theatre Company is a performing arts group founded in 2009 to develop new, accessible and democratic approaches to theatre.

They've performed their critically-acclaimed signature piece, 101, throughout the UK, in Croatia as part of the NU:Write Festival, and in the USA, where they were visiting artists at Northwestern University, Chicago.

They have also performed immersive adaptations of several classic texts, including ‘Dracula’, ‘Woyzeck’ and Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’.


Theatre N16

77 Bedford Hill

London SW12 9HD


4 to 8 April 2017


Full price: £16 for one show, £30 for two, £40.50 for three, £48 for four, and £50 for all five.

Concessions: £14 for one show, £26 for two, £36 for three, £44 for four and £48 for five.

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