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London theatre news: Monday 7 September 2020

Multi-art - Music

Mr. Adam, a dynamically modern multi-arts cross-media extravaganza, will premiere at The O2 in March 2021.
Mr. Adam at indigo at The O2

The work of Welsh composer Sir Karl Jenkins has been transformed into a narrative piece by Kairat Kulbaev, Marat Bisengaliev, Vasily Barkhatov, and The Almaty Symphony Orchestra, who have combined digital design with powerful performance for a classical concert like no other!

The production immerses the audience in the life of one man, an everyman: Mr. Adam.

Taking place across sixteen episodes, the show tells a touching and hilarious story of birth, life, love, war and death to explore the power of humanity, community, and dreams.

The production integrates innovative Black Trax technology to enable real-time tracking of 14 frames on stage so that compelling projections are layered with seamless choreography and symphonic performance to create a revolutionary approach to presenting classical music.

Here's a taster of what's in store ...

This live digital experience sees sixteen musicians perform live alongside pre-filmed scenes of the orchestra artists as well as actors, vloggers, ballet dancers, and children.

The eclectic music by Sir Karl Jenkins is saturated with nomadic folk sound and national Kazakh musical instruments to give a unique charm and originality to Mr. Adam's life.

Mr. Adam soloist for the Almaty Symphony Orchestra, Marat Bisengaliev, said ...

"I'm really honoured to be part of this unique show - the brainchild of my dear friend and crazy dreamer, Kairat Kulbayev.

This show has all the ingredients to become a success story: beautiful music by the most popular modern composer Karl Jenkins, the genius of the show creator Vasily Barkhatov, and our young, talented musicians who were carefully cherry-picked for this show."

The Almaty Symphony Orchestra brought together talented musicians unafraid of experimenting, exploring new horizons and features in their work.

This unique team integrates high-end modern technologies with virtuoso performance to create truly spectacular shows for audiences both new and familiar with classical music.

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The show integrates innovative digital design with powerful performance from the Almaty Symphony Orchestra to create a concert like no other!

The incredible work of British composer Sir Karl Jenkins has been saturated with nomadic folk sound and transformed to tell the story of one man, an everyman: Mr. Adam.

The unforgettable story of his life, first love, military experience, and death plays out across 16 transformative musical works.

This live digital experience uses real-time tracking of 14 frames onstage to allow seamless projection and compelling choreography.

16 musicians will perform live alongside pre-filmed scenes of the orchestra artists, actors, ballet dancers and children.

Winner of Event of the Year for Best Application of Innovative Technologies in Moscow, Mr. Adam premieres in the UK following sell-out runs in Kazakhstan and the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Soloist - Marat Bisengaliev


Zufina Bekmoldinova

Alua Makanova

Arai Oserbek

Eugene Ugai

Uulzhan Taailabekova

Maria Zakharova

Erasyl Begaiylov

Darkhan Kuanov

Musa Kerimbayev

Vsevolod Yudenich

Bekezhan Rakishev

Meruert Tursunbekova and more


Author: Vasily Barkhatov (art director and writer)
Composer: Sir Karl Jenkins
Designer: Stanislav Lopatkin
Lighting: Alexander Sivayev
Visual effects: Maria Nebesnaya (Filmographer)
Production: Producer: Kairat Kulbayev


indigo at The O2
Peninsula Square
Greenwich Peninsula
SE10 0DX


From: Friday 19 March 2021

Closes: Sunday 21 March 2021


Standard: £11 - £185

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