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One of our team discovers that doing the shopping can help the community, including a local theatre, thanks to a commendably thoughtful scheme by the Co-op.

Sunday 24 September 2017

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The Little Angel Theatre, London, photographed from the front of the building.

Photo: Little Angel Theatre (Peter Brown 2015)

Like me, you may consider that we have sufficient supermarkets - even the handy small ones that have appeared on our local highstreets over the last few years.

Though there are masses of convenience stores dotted around where I live, a new Co-op just opened nearer to my home making my journey to collect the necessitities of life a little less time-consuming - so maybe we didn't actually have enough stores after all!

Coming from the north of England, I'm fairly used to the Co-op brand and the general aims of co-operative business and trading.

But I certainly wasn't aware of one of the innovations which the Co-op now has on offer.

Noticing an ad enticing me to become a member, when I got back from shopping I decided to check out the benefits.

Apart from getting back 5% of what you spend at Co-op businesses (on selected goods and services and paid into your membership account) the organisation hands over 1% of of everything you spend to local community projects - a generous and beneficial idea (find out more about membership here).

Moreover, members can choose which projects they wish to support and, looking at the list for my area, I discovered one from Little Angel Theatre in Islington.

Their project aims to provide free show tickets and workshop places to local disadvantaged children - a hugely worthy concept which has already raised over £3200!

The Little Angel Theatre is a home for puppetry which has been going since 1961 - if you'd like to know more about it, then check-out their website here.

If you're looking to raise funds for a local project, you might want to keep an eye open for news early next year.

Though the Co-op is not taking applications at present for organisations to become local causes, according to their website, it looks like applications will be open again in the Spring of 2018 - so worth keeping your eyes peeled for announcements.

Of course, our pet project is theatre, so I readily signed-up and duely handed over my £1 for membership and I'm supporting the Little Angel Theatre's local cause.

I hope that, in a small way, I can share in encouraging young people to discover the magic of theatre (and Little Angel's wonderful puppetry in particular) and hopefully become the theatregoers of the future.

We wish Little Angel Theatre well with their excellent local cause and those of other causes around the country.

Peter Brown


Little Angel Theatre

Little Angel Theatre - Co-op Local cause

Co-op membership

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