Once a Year on Blackpool Sands

A new LGBTQ comedy drama based on a true story set in Blackpool 1953.
Once a Year on Blackpool Sands at the Bread & Roses Theatre

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Event type: Drama

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Set in Blackpool summer 1953 Not Long After The New Queens Coronation.

Yorkshire miners Eddie and Tommy who along with most of their town head down to the sea side for the annual summer wakes.

This time However something feels wrong, and Tommy who is usually full of glee on the trip down to Blackpool is full of dark thoughts.

For starters Eddie had almost missed the bus and turned up with no suitcase, Eddie is clearly nursing a dark Secret, one Tommy is dreading to hear.

Eddie can never go back to Yorkshire he won't go to prison or allow some Shocking family secrets to ever come into the light.

All he must do now is persuade Tommy to go on the run, and already he knows Tommy won't as he is a proud son of Yorkshire and has a warm and loving family nothing at all like eddies clan.

The lads find themselves at the withering heights on sea guest house run by the delightful caustic and eccentric Gladys and her downtrodden but soon to be turning very flirty daughter Maureen and Red Ethel a foul mouthed ex communist ex show girl Maureens beloved grandmother.

The boys soon get tangled up in this ongoing Family feud amid a world of endless interruptions offering cakes unwelcome advances and opinions of every variety as Gladys puts on her Hollywood stars persona to help her" cope with life" Joan Crawford to clean house Bette Davies to entertain and Lana Turner when she feels like a bloody good cry.

Upstairs in the Heathcliff and Cathy suite we meet Mr Elbridge a heterosexual man who will soon become his three female alter egos Patty Margaret and Phyllis respectively as he works up the courage to take the walk from north pier to south pier as a woman!

An annual Blackpool tradition for those in the know.

Blackpool sands is a black comedy with an emotional punch based on real life events and people that lead Eddies character to begin the long fight for LGBTQ rights and acceptance, one man's spark of outrage at how his unjust treatment triggers a lifetime of activism.


Sunday 17 June 2018

Starts: 5-00 pm

Ends: 7-15 pm

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The Bread & Roses Theatre

68 Clapham Manor St
London SW4 6DZ

Box office tel: 020 7498 1779

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£10; concessions £8

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