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Sunday 28 January 2018

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Fans of the work of Federíco García Lorca get another chance to see his masterpiece, as the Cervantes Theatre presents another run of its 2017 version of The House of Bernarda Alba - from 12 February 2018.
The House of Bernarda Alba at the Cervantes Theatre

Photo by Elena Molina

If you're a devotee of the work of Federíco García Lorca, then this is another chance to catch his masterpiece - The House of Bernarda Alba.

If you are unfamiliar with Lorca's work, then this is a terrific introduction to the work of a great playwright.

This version of The House of Bernarda Alba has already had a run last year and is being given an extra outing, playing from 12 February to 3 March 2018.

As before, the company are performing the play in both English and Spanish versions (see dates and times below).

In a sense, the play is a kind of forerunner of reality TV - real life brought to the stage.

Federico García Lorca in 1914

Photo: Federico García Lorca in 1914

It explores themes of repression, passion and conformity through the depiction of a matriarch's domination of her five daughters.

Described by the author as "a drama of women in the villages of Spain", the deliberate exclusion of any male character from the action helps build the high level of sexual tension that is present throughout this masterpiece.

Bernarda, like many women of her era, worries about what people will say, about modesty, about the purity of her daughters, about the cleanliness of her soul and her house:

"I don't pry into people's feelings, but I do want to keep up appearances and have harmony in the family".

Written in 1936 just before the civil war broke out, the play was first performed in Buenos Aires in 1945.

It was banned in Spain until 1963, partly because of its political implications and partly because the behaviour and language of the characters was regarded as shockingly immoral.

A small theatre club was allowed to put on a single performance in 1950, but the regime tried to ensure that it would be given no publicity.

Federico García Lorca (1898-1936) , poet and dramatist, was one of the greatest Spanish writers of the 20th century.

He was killed by nationalist troops at the age of thirty-eight at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and two months after completing The House of Bernarda Alba.


Jimena Larraguivel (Criada English And Spanish)

Judith Arkwright (Maria Josefa Spanish)

Teresa Cendón (Angustias Spanish)

Amparo Climent (Bernarda Spanish)

Maite Jauregui (Adela English And Spanish)

Mary Conlon (Bernarda English)

Joanna Kate Rodgers (Angustias English)

Gilly Daniels (Maria Josefa English)

Pia Laborde (Amelia English And Spanish)

Lucia Espín (Martirio Spanish)

Mayca Estévez (Poncia Spanish)

Candela Gómez (Magdalena English And Spanish)

Carolina Herran (Prudencia English And Spanish)

Moir Leslie (Poncia English)

Beth Smith (Martirio English)


Author: Federíco García Lorca

Composer: Javier "Peke" Rodríguez

Director: Jorge de Juan

Set designer: Angel Haro

Costume designer: Isabel de Moral

Lighting: Jonathan Jewett


Cervantes Theatre

Old Union Arches

229 Union Street

London SE1 0LR


12 February to 3 March 2018

English language performances Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7-30pm, with a matinee on Saturdays at 2-30pm.

Spanish language performances Monday-Wednesday at 7-30pm, with a matinee on Wednesdays at 2-30pm.


£20; £15 concessions

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