Cue-script version of The Merchant of Venice

Sunday 10 September 2017

London Fringe - Shakespeare - Shows

Shake-Scene Shakespeare bring The Merchant of Venice to the stage just as Shakespeare would have done it himself with 'cue-script' preparation, where actors take to the stage without prior rehearsal with their fellow cast!
The Merchant of Venice at Cockpit Theatre

Image: Cockpit Theatre

This Autumn, William Shakespeare's intricate play is brought to life by actors from Shake-Scene Shakespeare.

The play runs at the Cockpit Theatre from 3 to 7 October 2017.

But this is a production with a difference because it's prepared using the same technique as Shakespeare himself would have known and experienced.

Using the technique of 'cue-script' preparation, the actors take to the stage without any prior group rehearsal with their fellow cast.

Guided only by their character's lines and immediate cue words, the performers embark on a gripping journey of discovery as actors enter the stage without knowing what scenario or whom they are about to face.

The audience journeys with them as they step into the unknown and gamble moment to moment.

Actors performing in Tudor playhouses during the Bard's time used this method of performance, largely because playwright's were worried about actors taking scripts off to sell to other theatres as their own work and, moreover, mass producing scripts was not anything like as easy as it is today.

Today's theatre goers will get to experience (as close to as possible) the revealing experience of an Elizabethan audience, while seeing a 21st Century production.

During that time, and perhaps not surprisingly, audiences were known to pay double to see new plays performed for the first time and to witness these delightful moments of discovery and surprise.

Certain aspects of casting in this production, however, will be different, such as some traditionally male roles being played by female actors.


All that glisters is not gold.

Antonio will do anything for Bassanio.

Bassanio will do anything to win Portia and her wealth.

Shylock has the means and mind to take revenge on Antonio.

Can love possibly defeat hate, when the hate has grown from love?

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Charlotte Gallagher (The Judas Kiss, Duke of York's Theatre)

Jonathan McGarrity (The Full Monty national tour)

Mary-Ann Cafferkey (Offie nomination for Proof at the Tabard Theatre)


The Cockpit Theatre

Gateforth Street

London NW8 3EH


3 to 7 October 2017



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