Tomorrow Creeps at Vault Festival

Thursday 7 December 2017

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A new play by David Fairs, drawn from the works of William Shakespeare and inspired by Kate Bush, heads to the Vault Festival from 24 January.
Tomorrow Creeps at the Vaults

Image: GOLEM! Theatre

Following the successes of Macbeths (2016) and I Know You Of Old (2017), GOLEM! return to push the boundaries of adaptation yet further with David Fairs' Tomorrow Creeps, a new play orchestrated from sixteen Shakespeare texts and inspired by the storytelling of Kate Bush.

The show will be playing as part of Vault Festival from 24 to 28 January 2018.

About the show ...

The battle has been lost and won.

The Fallen Tyrant lies dreaming in the time-less void of a prison cell.

The Spectral Queen haunts the shadows, a memory of what's lost, a promise of worse to come.

The Hollow Hero props up a worthless kingdom, abandoned by a murdered family.

As the unsteady world shifts, the Hero is left with one option - deal with the devil.

Clarice to the Tyrant's Doctor Lecter, the Hero seeks guidance from this monster he hoped to forget - a man reputed, with his dead wife, to be a treacherous usurper steeped in blood and witchcraft.

For the Tyrant, this first human contact in weeks could present an opportunity to raise himself out of the madness of these endless, empty tomorrows … unless his confinement is already less solitary than he'd dare to admit.

As jailer and jailed meet, elusive power shifts at a moment's notice.

And where is Wild Kate?

All search for a future.

The tarot cards are dealt.

But is the deck stacked by forces you only glimpse in the corner of your eye?

Follow us, close - enter a Lynchian recess in reality.

Scream Babooshka and consider a creeping truth: we are such stuff as nightmares are made on.

About GOLEM! Theatre

According to legend, the Golem is a creature made out of raw clay, re- formed in a new shape, and brought to life with words.

GOLEM! create theatre by repurposing and reimagining texts, shedding new light on stories you might think you already know.


The Fallen Tyrant - David Fairs

The Spectral Queen - To be confirmed

The Hollow Hero - Conor O'Kane


Author: David Fairs (drawn from the works of William Shakespeare, and inspired by Kate Bush)

Director: Anna Marsland

Sound: Odinn Hilmarsson

Production: GOLEM! Theatre


The Vaults

Leake Street

London SE1 7NN


24 to 28 January 2018

Running time: 1hr



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