Revolution at VAULT Festival

Saturday 30 December 2017

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Exit Productions Ltd present the return of their hit interactive gaming experience Revolution, playing from 24 January as part of Vault Festival.
Revolution at Vault Festival

Image: Full Sail Productions

Revolution gives an audience of complete strangers a fun and engaging way to interact around politics in an action-packed game environment.

Audiences will find the game aspect of the performance familiar as there are echoes from classic board games but at the same time Revolution is new enough to keep everyone on a level playing field.

The basic plot is as follows ...

Revolution has engulfed London and a new order must be established.

The course of change never did run smooth though.

Three rival factions have risen from the ashes of old authority and each must champion their cause in this new dawning of a new civilization.

In a more and more connected world politics still manages to be something that divides us.

The game format is used to engage the audience in the tactics of the Revolution.

The audience is split into three distinct factions who are pitted against each other to try and take over a digital map of London.

This leads to alliances, coalitions, backstabbing, spying and worse ... just like regular politicking!

At the same time as placing strategic orders, the factions must come up with policies that they wish to see in the new world before they present them to the room and try and defend them.

In a decade where political upheaval has bloomed and disillusionment with existing powers skyrockets, the utterance "we need a revolution" is heard more and more often.

This show pushes people to put their money where their mouth is, and enact one.

Now, you can decide what you will change, and explain why you are the person to tell the world what would be better.

And how many people are you willing to cross in order to carry it out?


Peter Dewhurst

Lauren Gibson

Chris Neels

Clemency Thorburn


Game by: Kai Oliver

Director: Joe Ball

Sound: Ben Hudson

Visual effects: Brendan O'Rourke

Production: Exit Productions Ltd, Nadezhda Zhelyazkova for Full Sail Productions


The Vaults

Leake Street

London SE1 7NN


24 January to 18 March



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