Angels With Dirty Accents

Monday 29 January 2018

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A brand new theatre company, R KID, take a look at the state of homelessness, modern society, religion and morality in their debut production playing at The Cockpit from 31 January to 17 February 2018.
Angels With Dirty Accents at Cockpit Theatre

Image: Cockpit Theatre

Following their successful run in Manchester, R KID brings Angels With Dirty Accents to The Cockpit.

With an immersive set, a cast of eleven, some bizarre characters, moments of naturalistic dialogue and complete absurdism, undercut by well known

and 'heavenly' songs, this promises to be a unique theatre experience.

The show centres on the lives of angels.

Penniless, hopeless, and sleeping rough in our city centres.

Ignored by passers-by, and waiting for their chance to get into heaven.

But waiting is a hard game to play.

Especially when heaven has tightened its immigration policy and the streets have begun to offer so much temptation.

Homelessness is an increasingly worrying issue that affects a much larger number of people than we think, with many being part of 'the hidden homeless' - those not shown in government reports and records.

R KID feel that the issue is much deeper than homelessness.

That it is the root-cause that is not being dealt with sufficiently.

Here's the trailer ...

This original piece of theatre has not been created to hit an audience over the head with hard hitting figures and realities, or to make the audience feel guilty about their comparatively affluent lives; rather it is about some homeless people ... who happen to be angels.

It touches on the struggles of rough sleeping, but looks more into a character's past, their life before they were on the streets, and their worries about being trapped in this 'purgatory' forever.

It allows the audience to question morality, religion and belief, whilst including moments of complete absurdity, that don't seem so out of place in this underworld of angelic and demonic beings.


Angels With Dirty Accents centres on the lives of angels; penniless, hopeless and sleeping rough in our city centres, ignored by passers-by - waiting for their chance to get into heaven.

However, waiting is a hard game to play, especially when heaven tightens its immigration policy and the streets begin to offer so much temptation.

They are everywhere … they infect our streets like lice.

A disease that scurries around our bins and alleyways.

Spreading fear, crime and anarchy on an unprecedented scale.

Looming in shanty towns on the fringes of society, they provide a putrid eyesore to our otherwise dazzling metropolis.

Our citizens live in fear; trapped patrons and long suffering pioneers of democracy.

Constantly being pestered and heckled by filth ridden renegades of our communities.

Drop outs, losers, perverts and pedophiles ... I am of course, talking about angels.

An original black comedy brought to you by RKID PRODUCTIONS featuring live music - looking at the state of homelessness and modern society with an honest and angry voice.


Production: R KID Productions


Cockpit Theatre
Gateforth Street


From: Wednesday 31 January 2018

Closed: Saturday 17 February 2018


Standard: £15



Student: £10


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