Trap Street from Kandinsky

Wednesday 7 February 2018


Theatre-makers Kandinsky will return to New Diorama Theatre next month for the world premiere of their brand new show 'Trap Street'.
Trap Street at New Diorama Theatre

Image: New Diorama Theatre

Now if you're wondering, like we were, what a 'trap street' is, it turns out to be a street on a map that doesn't really exist, apparently put in by map-makers to expose anyone plagiarising their work.

Trap Street (the show) is set in a building similarly stuck between existence and non-existence: a high-rise tower, the last of the huge mid-20th century estate, sat waiting to be demolished.

Andrea grew up here, though after she bought her flat in the late eighties she's barely been back - but now they're knocking it all down, part of London's ever-changing face, and she's come to reclaim what's hers.

Trap Street charts 50 years of changing attitudes to social housing and space in London, to ask what home means in 2018.

The production is directed and co-written by James Yeatman (also an associate director for legendary theatre company Complicité), and devised by the company, based on original material by Mr Yeatman and co-writer Lauren Mooney.

It's been made in conjunction with representatives of several London housing associations and charities, and with long-term social housing tenants from the Nightingale Estate in Hackney and Thamesmead in southeast London.

The company includes acclaimed performers Amelda Brown (Blue Heart, Orange Tree; Adler and Gibb, Royal Court) and Danusia Samal (B, Royal Court; Two Noble Kinsmen, RSC), as well as live music from Zac Gvirtzman.

Kandinsky's previous productions include Still Ill - a drama developed with doctors and patients, examining the surprisingly common, little-understood Functional Neurological Disorder - and Dog Show, a tragicomic look at people and their pets through the lens of a community gripped in terror by a serial dog murderer.

About the company

Kandinsky is a multi-award winning theatre company with a national and international reputation for exciting, inventive new work.

They are an associate company of New Diorama Theatre.

Previous productions have twice won the Sunday Times Playwriting Award and been shortlisted for the Carol Tambor Award.

Most recently, Dog Show won the Peter Brook Festival Award 2015 and the OffWestEnd Award for Best Ensemble.

Kandinsky is comprised of writer Al Smith, Complicite Associate director James Yeatman and producer-director Lauren Mooney.


It's 1961 and the concrete's just been poured for a brand new housing estate.

It's beautiful, not because of the clean lines, indoor toilets and wide windows, but because the idea behind it is beautiful.

This is the future, and it's for everyone.

It's 2018 and the last tower of the estate is about to come down.

The dream that saw it built has long since died and now the estate has to follow suit to make way for new buildings, based on new ideas.

This is the future, whether you like it or not.



Amelda Brown

Danusia Samal

Live music by Zac Gvirtzman


Author: James Yeatman, Lauren Mooney
Director: James Yeatman
Production: Kandinsky


New Diorama Theatre
15-16 Triton Street
Regents Place


From: Tuesday 6 March 2018

Closed: Saturday 31 March 2018


Previews: £12

Standard: £15

Concessions: £12


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