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Wednesday 11 April 2018

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Jermyn Street Theatre announces casting for Tomorrow at Noon, a programme of three new plays each of which reacts to one of Noël Coward's Tonight at 8.30 plays, and responds to it in a contemporary voice.
Cast of Tomorrow at Noon at Jermyn Street Theatre

Cast: Elaine Claxton, Laura Morgan, Laila Pyne

Casting has been announced for the three new plays making-up the programme for Tomorrow at Noon which will be at Jermyn Street Theatre from 24 April to 15 May in tandem with Tonight at 8.30.

The three plays (all directed by Jermyn Street Theatre's Deputy Director Stella Powell-Jones) are:

Glimpse by Jenny Ayres

The Thing by Emma Harding

Smite by Morna Young.

Each of these works reacts to one of Coward's Tonight at 8.30 plays, and responds to it in a contemporary voice.

Tonight at 8-30 features nine one-act plays from Noël Coward in 3 trilogies:

Bedroom Farces (We Were Dancing, Ways and Means, Shadow Play);

Secret Hearts (Star Chamber, Red Peppers, Still Life);

Nuclear Families (Family Album, Hands Across the Sea, The Astonished Heart)

and plays at Jermyn Street from 10 April to 20 May.

You can find our detailed listing here and our casting news item about it can be read here.


Three new one-act plays reacting to Noël Coward's Tonight at 8.30.

By Jenny Ayres, Emma Harding, and Morna Young.

"She's been coming here every Sunday for the past fifty years and he still hasn't turned up."

The playwrights of these three funny, moving and provocative plays were chosen from 390 entrants to write a contemporary female response to Noel Coward's Tonight at 8.30.

Jenny Ayres' Glimpse is inspired by Coward's Still Life.

It is the story of a woman whose history holds too much for her to leave behind.

In a world that never stops, are we brave enough to wait? What might we glimpse if we miss the train?

Emma Harding's The Thing Itself reacts to Coward's Shadow Play.

When the sun fails to come up one morning, Vic and Simone must face the dark.

But what emerges from the shadows?

Truth or illusion?

Morna Young's Smite is inspired by Coward's The Astonished Heart.

It is a story of buried answers, blind hearts, and life after loss.


Elaine Claxton - Vic (The Thing Itself) & Mags (Glimpse)

Laura Morgan - Hannah (The Thing Itself), Allie (Smite) & Woman (Glimpse)

Laila Pyne - Simone (The Thing Itself), Trisha (Smite) & Clarke (Glimpse)


Author: Jenny Ayres, Emma Harding, Morna Young
Director: Stella Powell-Jones
Set designer: Louie Whitemore
Costume designer: Emily Stuart
Lighting: Tim Mascall
Sound: Tom Attwood
Production: Jermyn Street Theatre


Jermyn Street Theatre
16b Jermyn Street


From: Tuesday 24 April 2018

Closed: Tuesday 15 May 2018


Previews: £15 (24 and 30 April)

Standard: £30



100 tickets at £10 are available for under-30s - all performances.


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