The Goon Show on UK tour

Friday 3 August 2018

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Apollo Theatre Company and Spike Milligan Productions present the first ever UK tour of the classic radio comedy The Goon Show - from 4 September to 11 November 2018.

The Goon Show on UK tour

Image: Apollo Theatre Company

There's a treat in store for Spike Milligan fans this autumn as the first ever UK tour of the classic radio comedy The Goon Show opens at Salisbury Playhouse on 4th September, before touring to theatres across the country.

The tour ends with a special gala performance at the Leicester Square Theatre in London on 11th November.

In 1951 the landscape of British comedy changed dramatically when The Goon Show burst onto the airwaves of the BBC Home Service.

Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and co. brought a brand of surreal chaotic humour unlike anything that had been heard before and revolutionised the way radio comedy was produced.

With its bizarre characters, fantastical plots and hilarious running jokes, The Goon Show captured the imagination of the British public and made household names of its three main stars, all of whom would go on to achieve fame across the globe.

Now, in Goon Show creator Spike Milligan's centenary year, Apollo Theatre Company, who recently produced the 50th anniversary tour of another classic radio comedy, Round the Horne, team up with Spike Milligan Productions to bring the show to the stage for the first time.

Producer, Norma Farnes, who was Spike's assistant and manager for 36 years, says of the production ...

"There is no better time than the centenary of Spike's birth to celebrate his most enduring creation.

The Goon Show was truly original and unlike anything heard before.

Spike's sense of the absurd created a whole new form of comedy which fuelled everyone's imagination and still does today."

On how Spike himself reflected on The Goon Show, Norma recalls ...

"He once said to me, with warmth and affection, "it was like one very good summer".

After his success with his book, Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall, which sold over a million copies, I congratulated him and viciously he came back with "it means nothing.

When I die they'll say, Spike Milligan who wrote The Goon Show died today".

"For me, Eric Sykes summed it up when he said to me 'hearing it for the first time was like walking through clear air after being stranded in a fog'."

Venues and dates

Check the tour website below for the complete list of tour stops.

In the LOndon area, the show will be at Leicester Square Theatre on 11 November 2018.


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