Eavesdropping Again from Angel Theatre Company

Thursday 30 August 2018


Angel Theatre Company are producing Eavesdropping Again - the third instalment of their popular verbatim theatre concept - due at Barons Court Theatre in October.
Eavesdropping Again

Image: Barons Court Theatre

Do you love eavesdropping on other peoples' conversations?

If you do (or if you are drawn to novel kinds of theatrical work), Angel Theatre Company's new production might be of interest as they present a third instalment of their 'eavesdropping' projects!

Eavesdropping Again plays at Barons Court Theatre from Tuesday 2 to Saturday 13 October 2018 at 7.30pm (with a matinee performance on Saturday 6th October at 2.30pm).

In July 2016 John Patterson, Artistic Director of Angel Theatre Company, created Eavesdropping - a unique piece of verbatim theatre.

Unlike most plays which are usually either scripted or devised, Eavesdropping was different in that it was neither.

The piece was created by John's company of actors who spent several weeks covertly recording real people engaged in genuine conversations.

These recordings were then scripted, explored and reinterpreted through rehearsal to find their dramatic potential.

Each vignette became a miniature work of art, offering the audience a great insight into the world around us.

It proved to be a more honest, poignant, funny and genuine reflection of society than most conventionally written plays could hope to be!

The show was so successful, John repeated the project and produced More Eavesdropping in January 2017.

Again, the unique concept proved to be so popular that the entire run of the production sold out.

Following the same formula as its predecessor projects, 2018 sees the company create Eavesdropping Again - a new social commentary, reflecting the attitudes and opinions of those living their lives in and around London.

Mr Patterson comments ...

"In response to countless requests for us to produce a new 'eavesdropping' project, we are currently developing Eavesdropping Again.

Throughout the summer my cast have been gathering material and, yet again, we have been fascinated at our findings.

The pieces we have so far explored range from the deeply moving to the hilarious!

These raw and revealing observations of real life are more genuinely reflective of the world around us than much conventionally scripted drama!

Each of the vignettes work as short plays in themselves but, when presented as part of a sequence, they will create a full-length show which will take audiences on an entertaining, emotional and amusing journey."

About the company

Angel Theatre Company is a professional organisation founded in 2015, which is dedicated to producing London fringe theatre of the highest calibre.

They create work which is entertaining, challenging, engaging and thought provoking.

Although often performing in small venues, they aim to give audiences the same quality of production as a West End theatre, but for a fraction of the cost!

The company has an impressive history of producing successful theatre, boasting a catalogue of 5-star reviews and sell out runs.

These include; Cameron's Can't Stand up for Falling Down, Eavesdropping, More Eavesdropping, Kane's 4:48 Psychosis, Sartre's No Exit, Genet's The Maids and LaBute's Autobahn.


Following the successful sell-out runs of Eavesdropping (2016) and More Eavesdropping (2017) Angel Theatre Company return to Barons Court with Eavesdropping Again, the next instalment of their verbatim theatre project.

Using the same concept as its predecessors, the company of actors covertly record real life conversations, which are then scripted word for word and reinterpreted through rehearsal to create a piece of theatre.

Unlike most plays which are either written or devised, Eavesdropping Again is unique in that it is neither!

Each vignette is a miniature work of art, offering the audience a great insight into the world around us.

A more honest, poignant, funny and genuine reflection of society than most conventional plays could hope to be!

If you enjoyed Eavesdropping and More Eavesdropping, you'll love the follow-up.

If you missed the previous incarnations of the show, be sure to catch this version!


Author: Conceptualised by John Patterson
Director: John Patterson
Production: Angel Theatre Company


Barons Court Theatre
Curtain's Up pub
28a Comeragh Road
W14 9HR


From: Tuesday 2 October 2018

Closed: Saturday 13 October 2018




Box Office: 07956 698617

Concessions: £12


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