Dancing plague hits New Diorama

Monday 29 October 2018

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Building on the success of their recent UK tour, The Outbound Project have taken inspiration from the 1518 Dancing Plague to create a manic 60-minute show - due at New Diorama from 17 November.
Dancing plague hits New Diorama

Image courtesy The Outbound Project

Exactly 500 years since the 'dancing plague' afflicted the town of Strasbourg, award-winning theatre company The Outbound Project present their new show 'M.E.H' at New Diorama Theatre from 17 to 19 November.

If you've not heard of the Dancing Plague, it happened in Strasbourg in 1518 when a woman walked into the street and started to dance.

She was soon joined by over 200 people all unable to stop dancing with the result that many of them danced themselves to death!

Now, The Outbound Project are updating the concept to England in 2018 when a girl walks onto a beach and starts to dance.

Award winning physical / visual theatre company The Outbound Project explore the unexplained phenomenon of MEH (mass epidemic hysteria) in this powerful, visceral new piece of work.

If you're wondering what MEH is, it stands for Mass Epidemic Hysteria which is a spontaneous, en masse development of physical and/or emotional symptoms among a group of people; or a socially contagious frenzy of behaviour in a group as a reaction to an event.

Featuring as part of New Diorama's two-night stand, this will be The Outbound Project's third production at the renowned North London Theatre for emerging theatre companies.

Building on the success of their recent UK tour of 12 Million Volts, The Outbound Project have taken inspiration from the 1518 Dancing Plague to create a manic 60-minute show featuring an original soundtrack by Jimmy Sheals, striking movement scores and script by Liberty Martin.

Set in a quiet seaside town in the UK, M.E.H follows the tale of a small community get to grips with hysteria as one by one they begin to dance uncontrollably. 

Following support in the development of the piece by Third Angel, New Diorama, Cornerstone Arts Centre and The Pound Arts Centre, M.E.H will premiere in London this November with just three performances.

Formed in 2016, The Outbound Project are a visually driven theatre company creating new work inspired by the human condition, and utilising physical theatre techniques and ensemble storytelling to tell dynamic and interesting narratives.

Devising Company

Lucy Bishop

Gordon Millar

Jordan Turner

Martin Chime

Kim Hallam

Emma Grace

Laura Tipper

Dominique Dalton

Chloe Christian

Shanez Pattni

Georgia Young

Amber Rose


Written by Liberty Martin

Devised by the Company

Directed by Chris Yarnell

Music By Jimmy Sheals

Produced by Jordan Turner

Photos by Nick Gilbert


New Diorama Theatre

15-16 Triton Street

Regent's Place

London NW1 3BF


17 to 19 November 2018




Dancing Plague of 1518

New Diorama Theatre

The Outbound Project

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