Anomaly at the Old Red Lion Theatre

Wednesday 31 October 2018

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Liv Warden's debut play, Anomly, exploring sisterhood, reputation and loyalty will be at the Old Red Lion Theatre from 8 January 2019.
Anomaly at the Old Red Lion Theatre

Image courtesy WildChild Productions

Scheduled to play at the Old Red Lion from 8 January to 2 February 2019, Anomaly is the unsettling debut play from Liv Warden exploring sisterhood, reputation and loyalty.

It is a provocative and timely glimpse into fame, fathers and how the abuse of power can scratch far beyond the surface.

Post-Weinstein, this is a story that is ready to be told.

But Anomaly isn't about the perpetrator and is not about politics, statute of limitations or he said / she said.

It's about the furore and the family on left-hand side of the camera frame, stood by the right hand of the accused.

It's about children chased throughout their lives with the black spot of their parent's name and the Christmases spent with the villain of someone else's story.

When Phillip Preston, a media mogul and man of immense power, is called for his reckoning, his three grown daughters are left with the whirlwind of trauma that he has created over years of abuse, violence, and manipulation.

What happens when a family, under the most intense scrutiny of the public eye, is faced with unbearable pain?

How do they pick up the pieces and live their own lives marked by someone else's actions?

Writer Liv Warden says ...

"The main inspiration for me writing this play is how women deal with destruction.

Watching the events of the Harvey Weinstein case unfold, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to his young family.

How his two children would be treated at school when the name 'Weinstein' was read out, and how unfair it all is that the actions of one man, their father, will inevitably impact their lives forever.

So, I created my own Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Mel Gibson or Louis C.K. - Phillip Preston, a man in position of immense power who we never see face up to his actions.

Instead, leaving it up to his three daughters to deal with the whirlwind of trauma that he has created over years of abuse, violence, and manipulation."


It's 6am.

News has just broken that Phillip Preston, media mogul and film-industry powerhouse has been arrested for assaulting his wife.

His three daughters, who now lead very separate and very public lives, are left with the fallout.

As they battle the world's press, the board members of Preston International and each other, they soon find themselves not only fighting to save the Preston dynasty but to protect everything they know to be true.

In our Kardashian soaked culture of sensationalism, victims' testimonies are finally being taken seriously and the world is listening.

But, this play is not about men like Harvey Weinstein.

Anomaly is a war cry for the women who have been left to pick up the pieces.


Author: Liv Warden
Director: Adam Small
Production: Wild Child Productions


Old Red Lion Theatre
418 St John Street


From: Tuesday 8 January 2019

Closed: Saturday 2 February 2019


Previews: £10 (Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th January)

Standard: £17

Concessions: £15


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